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Oceanography 2/2L  Spring 2014 Syllabus


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Instructor: Fred Hochstaedter

Office Hours: MTWThF 10-11

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Course Schedule, Labs, Readings, and Associated Information

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Dates, Topics, and Powerpoints
Lab Assignment and computer files

Reading Guide
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Thurman and Trujillo

In the News
Week 1;  Feb 3
Introduction and the Scientific Method

Powerpoint: Tectonics.ppt (first 6 slides)

Lab Powerpoint:  LatitudeLongitudeScale.ppt

Lab assignment:




NOTE: The maps are on reserve at the library for you to finish the lab and practice your skills.





Introduction and Ch 1

Appendix III -- Latitude and Longitude for navigational chart skills

Start reading Ch 2: Tectonics
Reasons why determining location is important.
Week 2;  Feb 10

Plate Tectonics

Powerpoint: Tectonics.ppt

Lab Powerpoint: LatitudeLongitudeScale.ppt

Lab assignment: BathymetricMaps.pdf




NOTE: The maps and a parallel ruler are on reserve at the library for you to finish the lab and practice your skills.


Video tutorial: parallel rulers



Ch 2: Tectonics

Eruption at Axial Volcano, located along the Juan de Fuca Ridge, a mid-ocean ridge off the coast of northwestern North America. Activity at this volcano was "predicted".

Visions'11 Cruise to Axial Volcano will install monitoring devices to study this volcano more closely.

Wednesday Feb 12
Exam 1
50 pts
Week 3; Feb 18
Plate Margins
Powerpoint: Tectonics.ppt
Lab assignment:

Global Bathymetric Map
On-line version #1

Global Bathy Map
On-line version #2

(A little better)

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Map
On-line version
Ch3: Marine Provinces  Volcano Videos:

Non-explosive eruption at Kilauea

Explosive eruption at Mt St Helens

NW Rota, an explosive volcano in the Marianas

West Mata

Week 4; Feb 24
Continental Margins
and Coasts

Powerpoint: ContinentalMargin.ppt
Google Earth: ContinentalMargin.kmz
Lab assignment:

Finish TectonicsLab.pdf

Keep Reading:
Ch 3: Marine Provinces 

Start Reading:
Ch 4: Marine Sediments 

Origin of Submarine Canyons: ideas from the 1930's, from Brian Romans

Week 5; March 3
Seafloor Sediments

Powerpoint: sediments.ppt
Lab Assignment:

Finish Tectonics lab

Keep reading:
Ch4: Marine Sediments

Turbidity Currents on YouTube

MBARI studies turbidity currents in Monterey Canyon

Field Trip: Saturday March 8 or 9, Tour of the Central CA Coast (by Bus March 8 or private car March 9) 8:00 am 4 pm 
Field Trip Guide

Directions to Field Trip Locations (Download this if you can't join us on the field trip.)
Week 6; March 10


Lab Assignment:

Coastal Erosion.pdf

KML file for Coastal Erosion lab:

Ch 10, 11: Coasts

Erosional Coast:

Seacliff erosion video

Rockfall along the Cornwall coast in SW England,

From Dave Petley


Wed March 12
Exam 2
100 pts

Week 7; March 17

The Beach Profile Lab:


Excel Spreadsheet for the Beach Profile Lab:

Ch 10, 11: Coasts

Week 8; March 24
Properties of Water

Powerpoint: TempSalinityDensity.ppt
Water Density Lab:

Ch 5: Water and Seawater

You MUST read this chapter very carefully.

Spring Break -- March 31- April 4
Week 9; April 7
Properties of Water

Powerpoint: TempSalinityDensity.ppt
Global Ocean Density Lab

The EWOCE Experiment:

Ch 6: Air-Sea Interaction  
Sunday April 13: Monterey Bay Cruise 7 am to 12 noon
Week 10; April 14
Atmospheric Circulation

Atmospheric circulation.ppt
Atmospheric Circulation lab:

Atmospheric Circulation Key

Today's satellite image

Ch 7: Ocean Circulation Wednesday April 16
Exam 3
150 pts
Week 11: April 21
Ocean Circulation

Ocean circulation.ppt
Lab Assignment:


Ch 7: Ocean Circulation Perpetual Ocean video of ocean currents
Week 12: April 28
Fisheries and Conservation
Class Project Assignment
Week 13: May 5
Ocean Currents
Ocean circulation.ppt
Lab Assignment:


Week 14: May 12
Waves and Tides

Review and prep for test.

Test 2
  Wednesday May14
Exam 4: 150 pts

Week 15: May 19
Waves and Tides

  Ch 8, 9: Waves and Tides  
Week 16: May 27

Tsunami page
Project Presentations Catchup  
Week 17: June 2 and 4 Finals week   Monday June 2, 8 AM
(for the 9 am class)

Wednesday June 4, 8 AM
(for the 8 am class)

Final: 200 pts

Study Guide

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Google Earth Files

Elephant Seals are uncommon visitors to the shores of Monterey Bay. This young male Elephant Seal visited the beach next to Hopkins Marine Lab during January 2012.

Elephant Seal
Elephant Seal at Hopkins Marine Lab, Pacific Grove

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