Experience the Arts                                                                             ART 90


Experience the Arts course, Art 90, is designed to complement and enhance the Art Studio, Art History, Photography, Music or Drama classes in which you are concurrently enrolled. If you have not already signed up for courses in one of your chosen areas of study, please do so immediately. It is not a requirement, but a recommendation.




Experience the Arts (ETA) is a .5 unit class. It is designed to be taken twice for credit in each department of the Creative Arts Division. In other words, you may take ETA within the Art and Photography Department only twice, but you may take up to 1 unit each of ETA Music and Drama, to a total of 3 units. ETA is not available for a letter grade, it is Credit/No Credit only.



One viewing consists of a visit to a viable exhibition space that exhibits art works by a single artist or group of artists. For each exhibition you attend we ask that you choose one artist and only one piece by that artist. After you have chosen one artist, answer the questions in the exhibition report provided. Attached is a partial list of suggested viewing spaces.



In order to receive credit for this course, students must correctly document 10 art exhibitions and document either 2 lectures or 2 videos or one of each. This packet provides an outline for each exhibition viewing and lecture/video. Please print clearly. We must be able to read your writing or we cannot grade your form. For Music and Drama 90 please see their respective pages.












1. GALLERIES: Galleries will often feature multiple artists within
            the same exhibition space, therefore  choose only one artist
           to write about. A second viewing in the same gallery for the
            same exhibition will count against you.

2. MUSEUMS AND NON PROFIT ART CENTERS: If you visit a museum or art center featuring multiple exhibitions you may list each exhibition as a separate viewing. NOTE: Museum exhibitions may be installed throughout many rooms or "galleries" within the museum. Please note where separate exhibitions begin and end so you do not end up listing multiple viewings from the same exhibit.

3. OPEN STUDIOS: Each studio visit equals one viewing. If there are several artists in one studio, choose one to report on. Please indicate you are visiting an open studio on your viewing outline. Please limit your open studio viewings to six.

4. ART FAIRS AND FESTIVALS: Each fair or festival equals one viewing. Do not go booth to booth to fill out your lab report.

5. CAFES AND RESTAURANTS: You may do a total of6 viewings from either a coffee house, cafe or restaurant.

6. MURALS/OUTDOOR ARTWORK (I.E. PUBLIC SCULPTURE): You may choose only 1 mural of outdoor artwork from each city.

7. PERFORMANCE ART: Each piece of performance art will be

            counted as 1 viewing. Please limit performance pieces

            to six.
Theatre Productions Locally or Regionally - see the Drama page.

9. Musical Productions Locally or Regionally - see the Music page


















NOTE: Reproduction or poster galleries are not acceptable viewing spaces, nor
are virtual or website galleries. The purpose of ETA is to view original works of art.


All lectures concerning the visual arts and art history held on or off campus will meet your lecture requirement. On campus lectures will be posted in the MPC Art Gallery and on Art Department bulletin boards. You can also find listings in your local newspaper arts and living section. Note: Do not use lectures presented by your instructors during class. ETA is in addition to your other Art Studio and Art History classes.





Videos may be viewed at home, at the MPC library or through your local branch library. Please choose documentary videos that involve a discourse on the life and/or work of an individual artist, a group of artists or an artistic movement. Hollywood dramas and Television miniseries do not count. PBS and A&E documentaries are acceptable.



ALL Art 90 Experience the Arts Visual Arts viewing outlines are due in the MPC Art Gallery before 4:00PM on or before Friday, December 14, 2007.
MPC Art Gallery 646-3060     Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 10 -3
Instructor of Record: Melissa Pickford



PRINTER Friendly Copy:  Word Document or PDF File