Experience the Arts

Music 90


Experience the Arts (Music) course. Music 90 is designed to complement and enhance the Music Theory, Appreciation and Performance classes in which you are concurrently enrolled. If you have not already signed up for a Music Theory, Appreciation or Performance class, please do so immediately.


Experience the Arts (ETA) is a .5 unit class. It is designed to be taken two times for credit in each department of the Creative Arts Division. In other words, you may take ETA within the Music Department only twice, but you may take up to 1 unit each of ETA Art, Photography and Drama, to a total of 3 units. ETA is not available for a letter grade, it is credit/no credit only.

Requirements for Experience the Arts (Music) 

     1. Attend at least 7 musical concerts.  The concerts
         may be in any geographical location, and in
         any musical genre such as classical, jazz, blues, rock, hip hop, fusion, world music, etc.

     2. For each concert you attend you must turn in a concert report
         form. A supply of forms is included in this packet. The concert
         report form asks you to make analytical observations about the
         music you are hearing. Please remember to fill out your
         identification information and the information about the concert
         you are attending. Fill out the form on the basis of only one
         movement or song which you choose, not the entire concert, and
         please identify this movement or song on the report form. In
         several places the form will ask you to write a narrative
         description of how you responded to the specific musical
         element named. Please try to describe exactly how this specific
         element was used in the music, and the personal emotional
         effect it had on you, if any.
     3. Attach the concert program to your concert report, and turn it in
         to the MPC Art Gallery.


Course Instructor Information: Melissa Pickford is the instructor of record for Music 90 Experience the Arts(Music) during the Spring Semester 2006. ETA is primarily an Independent Study course, however Melissa Pickford will be available in the MPC Art Gallery on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays between 11:00 -2:00pm. She can be contacted at the MPC Art Gallery at 646-3060.

If you have any questions concerning your Music90 Experience the Arts (Music) class, please contact the staff at the MPC Art Gallery or your instructor, Melissa Pickford. Remember, this is a credit/no credit class, so make sure you have filled out your concert report properly and completely. Leave no blank spaces. An incomplete report will not receive credit.
MPC Art Gallery 646-3060 Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10 -3 Instructor of Record: Melissa Pickford
Music 90 Experience the Arts Concert Report outlines are due in the MPC Art Gallery before 4:00PM on or before: Friday, December 14, 2007.     No LATE Papers will be accepted.









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