Work Performed

Work activities in this group primarily involve formulating and carrying out administrative principles, practices, and techniques in an organization or establishment. These activities typically entail program planning, allocation of responsibilities to organizational components, monitoring the internal activities of these components, and coordinating their achievements in a manner that will ensure success of the overall objective.

Worker Requirements

Organizational ability to plan, formulate, and execute policies and programs; capacity to acquire knowledge of various administrative concepts and practices and successfully apply them to different organizational environments; verbal facility to deal effectively with persons at all levels; facility with numbers to prepare and review various financial and materiel reports; ability to relate to people in a manner to win their confidence and establish rapport; flexibility to adjust to changing conditions; and an analytical mind to solve complex problems.

Sample Occupations

Sample Occupations
Academic Dean Human Resources Manager
Curator Real Estate Agent
Producer General Managers and Top Executives
Budget Analyst

Related Clusters

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