Work Performed

Work activities in this group primarily involve determining and delineating the shape, size, location, and other aspects of natural and human-made objects or features on the earth surface, and in exploring and examining underground earth formations. Typically, workers take linear and angular measurements of tracts of land; obtain and interpret seismograms and other graphic indications or records of the composition and structure of underground formations; locate positions of aircraft and direct their courses; obtain knowledge of particular terrains by studying aerial photographs; and prepare maps, charts, sketches, and other graphic representations from data collected.

Worker Requirements

Understanding of the principles of geometry and trigonometry; strong liking for outdoor work; ability to draw; finger dexterity; good vision and health; physical stamina; and the ability to perceive relationships of objects in space or to envision objects of two or three dimensions on flat surfaces.

Sample Occupations

Land Surveyor
Mapping Scientist
Geodetic Surveyor
Geophysical Prospecting Surveyor
Marine Surveyor
Geographic Information Specialist
Survey Technician

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