Fill-in-the-Blank Cover Letters
by Susan Ireland

Copyright 2002, Susan Ireland
(510) 524-5238

How to use the Fill-in-the-Blank Cover Letters

1. Click on one of the following categories that fits your job search.You may want to print this page so you can refer to the steps as you create your cover letter.

2. Browse through the letters on that page and pick a letter that's right for your job search.
3. Download that letter by clicking its download link. Once the document is downloaded onto your computer, open the document. (If the document opens immediately on your screen when you click the download link, you may work in that document and then save it to your hard drive.)
4. With your cursor, highlight each blank on the letter and replace it with the information that’s applicable to you, as suggested in the parenthetical text that immediately follows the blank. Once you have filled in each blank, delete the parenthetical text that corresponds to the blank.
5. After your letter is composed, adjust the spacing up and down to make it centered on the page.
6. Print out your letter and proofread it carefully.

Make them yours!
Because the letters are developed in Microsoft Word, they are flexible. If the text of the letter doesn't suit your situation or personality, you can copy and paste phrases from other Fill-in the Blank Cover Letters or write your own statements within the format of the letter.