Animals of the Arctic Ocean

Images taken during the 2002 and 2005 NOAA Office of Exploration sponsored "Hidden Ocean" cruises to the Arctic Ocean.

Most of these images were made of animals collected from the deep sea by remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

More information on these cruises can be found here.

All Photographs © Kevin Raskoff

Please contact Kevin if you wish to use any of these images. These images are not to be used without expressed written permission.

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Larger Images Available Upon Request

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Cirroteuthis muelleri 1

Cirroteuthis muelleri 2

Cirroteuthis muelleri 3

Cirroteuthis muelleri 4

New Narcomedusa

Aulacoctena sp.

Beroe cucumis

Crossota norvegica

Crossota millsae

Clione limacina 1

Benthocodon sp. 1

Clione limacina 2

Marrus orthocanna 1

Marrus orthocanna 2

Marrus orthocanna 3

Ptychogena hyperborea

Nemertean worm

Undescribed Cydippid ctenophore

Benthocodon  2

Amphipod 1

Sminthea arctia

Undescribed Horned cydippid 1

Undescribed Horned cydippid 2

Mertensia ovum

Chrysaora melanaster

Aurora 1

Aglantha digitale

Ice 1

Ice 2

Ice 3

USCG Icebreaker Healy

Dawn ice

USCG Healy on the move


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