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Jellies under ice: ROV observations from the Arctic 2005 Hidden Ocean Expedition.

 Raskoff, K.A.1*, Hopcroft, R.R.2, Kosobokova, K.N. 3, Purcell, J.E. 4, Youngbluth, M. 5

 1 Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, USA. 2 University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, USA. 3 Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS, Moscow, Russia 4 Western Washington University, Shannon Point Marine Center, Anacortes, USA. 5 Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Fort Pierce, USA

All photos copyright Kevin Raskoff

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Crossota norvegica 1



Crossota norvegica 2

Crossota norvegica 2

Figure 2 full color


Figure 2.  Representative gelatinous zooplankton from the Arctic Ocean.  A. “Bathyctenid” cydippid ctenophore; B. Epibenthic cydippid ctenophore; C. cydippid ctenophore, Aulacoctena sp.; D. trachymedusa, Crossota millsae; E and F. “Horned” cydippid ctenophore; F. Close-up view of tentacle and tentilla; G. New Narcomedusae; H. trachymedusa, Crossota norvegica; I. scyphomedusa, Atolla sp. (A. tenella?); J. trachymedusa, Benthocodon hyalinus.  All photographed live.  “I” taken on microscope by R. Hopcroft, all others with 35mm camera system by K. Raskoff.  Images are not to scale.  See for color images and additional species.

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