Checklist 10

Checklist 10

Things to do by the end of Week 10 of Chemistry 1A.

If you haven't already done so, read Chapter 7 of Chemistry, The Molecular Science by Moore, Stanitski, and Jurs.

Study the following objectives in the Chemistry 1A booklet. 

  Objectives 11-15 and 19-29 for Chapter 7

Prepare sample answers to the following short answer objectives in Chapter 7: 12, 20-23, and 29.

Consider reading the Chapter 11 of An Introduction to Chemistry.

Chapter 11: An Introduction to Chemistry

Study Guide Chapter 11: An Introduction to Chemistry

The following web tools might be useful.

Atomic Orbitals

Complete Electron Configurations

     Complete Electron Configurations Help

     Abbreviated Electron Configurations

     Abbreviated Electron Configurations Help

Elements with Electron Configurations Other than Predicted

Electron Configurations for Monatomic Ions

Prepare for the next quiz. The possible quiz questions are at the following web address. 


Ask questions if you need answers.