Checklist 5

Checklist 5

Things to do by the end of Week 5 of Chemistry 1A.

Read Chapter 5 of Chemistry, The Molecular Science by Moore, Stanitski, and Jurs

Study the following objectives in the Chemistry 1A booklet. 

Objectives 1 and 2 in Chapter 5

Prepare for the next quiz. The possible quiz questions are at the following web address. 


If you want to improve your grade, you're probably going to need to spend more time on chemistry. Consider doing the following:

Read the chapter before lecture.

Be sure you can meet each objective.

Consider them one at a time, trying to forget how many there are.

Get support information from the booklet and the textbook.

Write out answers to short answer objectives.

Make a study sheet for each type of calculation.

Learn the glossary terms.

Look at the sample exams to get information about what's most likely to be on your exam.

Get with others.

Stay for problem sessions.

Attend Chemistry 151 classes.

Attend SI sessions.

Form a study group.

Practice more.

Do the worksheets.

Work weekly possible quiz questions.

Ask questions if you need answers.