COURSE DESCRIPTION: A study of the basic principles of chemistry with special emphasis on problem solving. Designed especially for the student who plans to enroll in Chemistry 1A but lacks the necessary prerequisites.

CLASS MEETINGS: M-Th 1:00-5:15 P.M. in Physical Science 201 and 204 

Begins June 14 and ends July 22



An Introduction to Chemistry, Atoms First by Mark Bishop, Copyright 2008 (required)

Click here to purchase a new textbook for less than the price of a used textbook in the bookstore...Monterey Peninsula College only...the textbooks will be delivered to you in class.

Acrobat versions of the chapters in the text and study guide can be found at

Online text


  • safety goggles (available at the MPC bookstore)
  • calculator (capable of doing scientific notation)

LABORATORY AND LAB REPORTS: You should read the description of each experiment before the pre-lab explanation for it. You will turn in written lab reports for each experiment. They will be due no later than one week after completion of the experiment. Two points will be deducted for each day that the reports are late. You can make up missed experiments, but you must do so within one week.

READING ASSIGNMENTS: I will assume that you have read the relevant chapter before I cover it in lecture. It is very important that you do this; the lecture moves at a pace appropriate for those people who have already become somewhat familiar with the material.

EXAMINATIONS: There will be 3 exams. The exam questions come from the course objectives. (See below.) Makeup exams are very difficult to arrange. If you must miss an exam, be sure to check with the instructor.

OBJECTIVES: Your textbook includes a list of objectives for each chapter. The objectives tell you what you need to be able to do for the exams. You will find them useful in lecture, when reading the text, and, most importantly, for your study for the exams.

GRADING: I will assign final grades based on the overall percentage of the total points derived from the exams, quizzes and the labs. Each lab report is worth 10 points and the exams are worth 100 points. I will assign grades based on the following criteria.

90-100% - A

75-90% - B

60-75% - C

50-60% - D

0-50% - F

You can take the course on a credit/no credit basis. A grade of C or better earns a credit for the course.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Grounds for being dropped from the course are:

  • failure to complete an exam
  • failure to attend or make up any 3 labs during the semester
  • failure to attend or make up 2 successive labs

(If any of these happen and you want to continue in the course, be sure to contact the instructor.)

DROPPING THE COURSE: Although I may drop you from the course due to missed classes or exams, it is still your responsibility to inform me if you want to drop. If you don't, it is possible that you could receive an "F" for the course. You must clean and check out of your laboratory locker upon withdrawal from the course. Failure to do so will result in the holding of your grades and restricting the next semester's registration until you pay a $5 fee.

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