Checklist 1

Checklist 1

Things to do by the end of Week 1 of Chemistry 2.

Read Chapters 1-3 of An Introduction to Chemistry Atoms First by Mark Bishop. 

Study all of the objectives for Chapters 1-3

Study the glossary terms for Chapters 1-3, and work the glossary quizzes on the Internet.

Chapter 1 Glossary Quiz (Shockwave)

Chapter 2 Glossary Quiz (Shockwave)

Chapter 3 Glossary Quiz (Shockwave)

Memorize the following

SI base units for length, mass, time, and temperature  (Table 1.1 page 11)

Metric prefixes (Table 1.2 page 13)

English-metric conversion factors (Table 2.1 page 38)

Equations for Temperature Conversions (Page 58)

Learn the names and symbols of the elements on the following table (Table 3.1 page 83)

Study the following Sample Study Sheet

Sample Study Sheet 2.1 on page 41: Rounding Off Numbers Calculated Using Multiplication and Division

Sample Study Sheet 2.2 on page 45: Rounding Off Numbers Calculated Using Addition and Subtraction

Sample Study Sheet 2.3 page 54: Calculations Using Unit Analysis

Prepare short answers for the following objectives.

Chapter 1: 11

Chapter 3: 2, 5, 6, 9, 24, and 27

Convince yourself that you can work all the problems at the end of Chapters 1-3.

Begin to look at the sample exams.

Summer 2008 Exam 1

Summer 2008 Exam 1 Key

Check out the following web resources

Appendix A: Measurement and Units

Appendix B: Scientific Notation

Conversion Factors Tutorial (Shockwave)

Conversion Factors Help

Kinetic Molecular Theory (Shockwave)

Element Names and Symbols (Shockwave)

Element Properties (Shockwave)





Ask questions if you need answers.