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Study Sheet

Sample Study Sheet: Predicting Precipitation Reactions and Writing Precipitation Equations  

Tip-off When you are asked to predict whether a precipitation reaction takes place when two aqueous solutions of ionic compounds are mixed and to write complete and net ionic equations for the reaction, if it takes place, you can follow these steps. 

General Steps  

Step #1:   Determine the formulas for the possible products using the general double displacement equation. (Remember to consider ion charges when writing your formulas.)

AB  +  CD        AD  +  CB  

Step #2:    Predict whether either of the possible products is water insoluble. If either possible product is insoluble, a precipitation reaction takes place, and you will continue with step #3. If neither is insoluble, write No reaction.

Step #3:    Follow these steps to write the complete equation.

Write the formulas for the reactants separated by a +.

Separate the formulas for the reactants and products with a single arrow.

Write the formulas for the products separated by a +.

Write the physical state for each formula.

1) The insoluble product will be followed by (s).

2) Water-soluble ionic compounds will be followed by (aq).

Balance the equation.

Step #4:    Follow these steps to write the net ionic equation.

Write the complete ionic equation by describing water-soluble ionic compounds as separate ions and insoluble ionic compounds with a complete formula.

Eliminate the formulas for the ions that are unchanged in the reaction (the spectator ions).

Rewrite what is left after the spectator ions are removed.

Balance the equation. 

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