Study Sheet

Study Sheet

Sample Study Sheet: Acid-Base Titration Problems  

Tip-off You are given the volume of a solution of an acid or base (the titrant solution #1) necessary to react completely with a given volume of solution being titrated (solution #2). You are also given the molarity of the titrant (solution #1). You are asked to calculate the molarity of solution #2.  

General Procedure

  • Use the dimensional analysis process, with the following general format.


The first conversion factor is used only when you are not given liters of #2. (Because you are usually given milliliters, you may instead need to use a conversion factor that converts from milliliters to liters.)

The second conversion factor is used only when you are not given either milliliters or liters of #1. (You are usually given milliliters, so if your molarity conversion factor is in the form that includes 103 mL #1 soln, this conversion factor is not necessary.)

The coefficients in the final conversion factor come from the balanced equation for the reaction.

Complete the calculation in the usual way.

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