CHEM 30B Dr. R. Rinehart    CHIME WORKSHOP  

You have already seen me use Chime structures during lecture to illustrate various aspects of molecular structure. Tonight you will learn how to use this invaluable tool to help you visualize things yourself.  Not all of the computers in PS-205 have Chime installed, and most of those that do have the Netscape version only. If you want to try this at home, you should already have downloaded MDL Chime  for both Netscape and MS IE.

Using Chime

1)  Using Netscape only, go to <>  and run through the Chime tutorial by Harry Ungar of Cabrillo College and Albion Baucom and Slaton Lipscomb of UCSC. Answer the questions on the worksheet I have given you.

2)  At the Cabrillo site, select "Chime Student Exercises" or go directly to
<>  and under Chem 7, select Exercise 2.
Answer the following problems on the next 2 pages of worksheet: page 1, # 2.1 and page 2, #2.2.

Alkanes with Chime

3)  Next, using Netscape*, go to the following pages  and answer the questions in sequence on the appropriate section of the worksheet. [You can actually progress through the pages using the links at the bottom of each page]. > Chapter 11.

Unfortunately, the publisher has seen fit to remove the following exercise from public access:
2)  Next, using Netscape*, go to . In the upper right-hand box under “Chime exercises,”  select  Chapter 11. Print the worksheet  from the link at the bottom of the page and answer the questions. There are six exercises. Go through each in sequence and answer the questions asked. For the second exercise, also do the following: NAME each structure, and DRAW the line structure.
HINT: Use the right-click pop-up menu to change the display as needed.  
I also was able to get this to work with the MS IE version of Chime.

4)  Next, using Netscape*, go to <>  and use the materials there to answer the questions on the appropriate section of your worksheet. Continue working this section at <> .  2/5/03 -- OMIT THIS SECTION

Alkane Nomenclature

This section may be done at home or in PS-205 at your convenience.
You will be expected to demonstrate understanding of organic nomenclature
by both naming given structures and drawing structures corresponding to given names.

5)  Go to  [Netscape will work best] and study the following sections:

The IUPAC Systematic Approach to Nomenclature:    I. The 'How' and the 'Why'      II .The Root Names

The Alkanes:  I. Unbranched Alkanes.     II. Branched Alkanes     III. Cycloalkanes

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