CHEM 30B Dr. R. Rinehart
Quiz 8: Protein Structure and Function  Study Guide

This quiz will cover the following:
structural, physical, and chemical characteristics of the 20 common amino acids
general functions performed by proteins
functions of specific proteins: e.g. actin/myosin, collagen, hemoglobin, etc.
the four levels of protein structure, including the forces participating at each level
reactions of protein molecules



            Your mission in this course is to obtain for yourself a useful working knowledge and understanding, at an appropriate level, of some basic organic chemistry and biochemistry, as outlined in the syllabus and subsequently elaborated in class. The resources available to you include: the text, lectures and class handouts -- now posted on this site, laboratory exercises, references in print and on the internet, consultation with the instructor outside of class, and whatever other legitimate means are necessary. There is no easy path to success. Put the work in.

In particular, the Chapter 19 outline can guide you in [re]reading the text and the
Protein Architecture Tutorial [use Netscape] and the other web references cited on the Ch 19 page can help supplement the text material.

“Right, sure, yeah, yeah, yeah – just tell us what’s going to be on the test, doc.”

What?  Questions designed to show if you have learned to use these principles and their associated language.
? Generally by means of objective questions in a variety of formats: fill-ins, short answers, matching, multiple choice, true-false, listing, categorizing, prioritizing, and problem-solving are all possibilities.


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