SAMPLE ONLY  make no false assumptions!     

CHEM 30B  Dr. R. Rinehart     QUIZ #3          2/22/00


1. NAME the following compounds according to IUPAC rules (donít forget cis/trans)        



a. [5] ______________________________._              b. [3] ______________________________._




c. [6] _______________________________._            d.[2] ________________________________._


2. DRAW the structure corresponding to each name:


            a. meta-xylene [5]                                          b. 1,4,5-trimethylcyclohexene [5]



 3. IDENTIFY (name and/or structure) the product formed in each reaction: [5 each/ partial credit for reactant structures]


            a. ethylene is reacted with 50% sulfuric acid:


             b. 2-pentene is reacted with bromine:


            c. 1-butene is reacted with hydrogen [platinum catalyst]:


             d. 2-methylpropene is reacted with HCl:


             e. chloroethene [vinyl chloride] is heated with catalysts:   [hint-think big!]

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