CHEM 30B   Dr. R. Rinehart



The Math Lab in PS-205 is available to you free. See the schedule of hours posted by the door. Its computers are already set up with the browsers and plugins listed below. Talk with the person in charge to get a log-in account.

At home:

In order to be able to view many of the resources you'll see referred to in this site, you'll need a PC computer with at least a Pentium II [Pentium III better, IV better still] with at least 128 MB RAM and  reasonably fast internet connection. You should have Windows 98 or later installed. (I'm not a Mac person, so I can't advise you with any confidence as to what equivalent setup will suffice.)  Click on the icons or the URLs supplied below to download the indicated programs. You can also access these sites and many more from my "Downloads" page. And you'll find scads of other chemistry resources at .



Browsers: You will need both 

       Microsoft's Internet Explorer, at least v 5.5 with Service Pack 1 installed    , and 

  Netscape Communicator 4.7x [do NOT use Netscape 6.x]   .  

I normally use IE 5.5 for everyday surfing, but many sites employing MDL's Chime molecular visualization program only work when viewed with Netscape. Netscape 4.76 or 4.77 are the preferred versions. Avoid Netscape 6.x at all costs! Some Chime sites work with either Netscape or IE versions of Chime.


Plugins [free]:  

         Macromedia Shockwave is available at  

        chemscape.gif (2214 bytes)   MDL Chime 2.1 is available at      make sure you download and install both MS IE and Netscape versions.   Some Chime sites work with either Netscape or IE versions of Chime, so it pays to have both ready..

         Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed for viewing .PDF files, found at many sites.  Get it at .

         QuickTime Player:


         Real Player 8.0 Basic   If you want the free, bare-bones player, click on the long URL below:,rcahome,011210r1choice_h2,011204rpchoice_c1&dc=121812171216

or go to and follow their links to >> MORE FREE DOWNLOADS >> REALPLAYER >> PREVIOUS VERSIONS >> RealPlayer 8 Basic (on the bottom left side of the last page you reach). Or, for $9.95 get RealOne, a new version with many non-chemistry applications.


Not required, not free, but highly recommended:

   Chem1 Concept Builder by Stephen Lower at Simon Fraser University  

A very useful set of tutorials at a very reasonable price.    Truly effective and attractive presentations designed to promote real understanding of  a wide variety of fundamental chemical concepts.  You can download a partially-functional tryout version. If you like it as much as I did, the full version is around thirty dollars -- money very well spent!


Chemistry Drawing Programs:  These are not required for CHEM 30B, and may be beyond your level of interest in this course, but they are free:

     ACD Labs ChemSketch :

     MDL IsisDraw:


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    Ronald W. Rinehart, 2001  revised 2/27/06