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Enzyme Web Tour

At Kimball's Biology Pages, check out the section on lysozyme and its mechanism of action at
and then see the lysozyme Chime structure by Will McClure at Carnegie Mellon University
See an illustrated discussion of the chymotrypsin mechanism by Mark Bishop of MPC at
Trypsin structure and action tutorials from Carnegie Mellon University [Use Netscape 4.7x]   by Gordon Rule
and > 3: Catalytic Triad in Trypsin
by Dr. David Hackney and Dr. W. McClure
        With Chime           With Chime/Rasmol
also see:  serprot.htm  trypsin.htm
The serine proteases by Peter Birch at University of Paisley, UK
step-by-step explanation of the reaction itself, including the basic chemistry involved and the catalytic mechanism
also mirrored at

Chime tutorial of chymotrypsin by Peter Birch at University of Paisley, UK [Use Netscape 4.7x]
also mirrored at
After reading that, you will better appreciate the animated serine protease mechanism 
from Gordon Rule's course at Carnegie Mellon University at
Go to the Interactive Biochemistry Pages at the University of Virginia, 
and look at the tutorials on
HIV-1 Protease,
P53-A Tumor Suppressor Protein
, and
Cyclooxygenases and the Mechanism of Action of Aspirin and NSAIDs

Succinate dehydrogenase page at CMU


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