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Crystal Growing by SEPM the Society for Sedimentary Geology  >> Online Classroom Activities

from this page, follow the links to Rocks and Minerals, then to crystal growing. Lots of other useful stuff at this site. 

Crystal Growing: "Magic Salt Crystal Garden" from Mrs. Stewart's® Bluing >> follow links to Magic Salt Crystal Garden

Apparently a longtime classic do-at-home experiment. You may also find the rest of the site itself interesting.

Crystal Growing Home Page by Udo J.A. Behner

Like Peter Keusch's Didactics of Chemistry site, Udo's pages exhibit the classic Teutonic virtues of thoroughness and attention to detail. You'll find crystal growing recipes, kits [see separate entry below], pictures, crystal shape laboratory, and so much more.

Crystal Growing Kit from the Smithsonian Institution

"This Smithsonian Exclusive allows you to grow such crystals as pink quartz and golden citrine at home. Both educational and fun, the kit includes eight bags of crystal growing chemicals, nine crystals and geode growing cup molds, casting compounds, safety glasses, six display pedestals and instructions. Age 10 and up."

cat #1497  $32.00 [plus tax] to nonmembers

Space Age Crystal Growing Kit from The Tech Museum Online Store

"Join Astronaunts on board The International Space Station and grow these 6 sparkling crystals, Single Emerald, Emerald Cluster, Emerald Geode, Ruby Geode, Ruby Cluster and Single Ruby. Includes CD ROM  Ages: 12 and up"

cat #5503 $22.00

Crystal Growing Kits from Udo J.A. Behner

"These crystal growing kits are designed for ages of 14 years and older. If it would be designed for ages under 14 it would be a "chemical toy" and subject to harsh regulations regarding type and amount of chemicals included. Following these regulations I could only produce an almost worthless gimmick kit. So the age border of 14 doesn´t mean it might be to difficult or to dangerous for any younger. The ALUM kit may be used by kids 10 years and older, the other ones with about 12 years and older. However adult supervision should be provided !
If you are going in depth, varying growing conditions, colors, crystal shapes, growing crystal combinations, its a worthwhile pastime also for adults.
Each kit will provide material for the growth of a number of single crystals and crystal specimens. Refillment packages are available, see CHEMIKALIEN (so far only in German !).
The procedure of growing crystals is quite easy, you disolve the chemicals in hot water and let the saturated solution cool down or you use the evaporation or the
supersaturation method.
First results can be obtained within 24 hours. You don´t need any special equipment; just regular kitchen equipment and household ware will do it. (And yes it's microwaveable !)
The ready crystals make up a nice collection or nice gifts."

US customers can only obtain these while Herr Behner is touring the US -- see details at website; EU [EEC] customers can order without problems. Four different kits available, each priced at US $19.95 / DM 29.50

Crystal Growing Kit from Omni Resources

Designed for ages 12 to adult, these kits each contain a 10-oz. chemical packet and full instructions. Each kit grows crystals up to 4" in diameter. Sixteen kits ranging in price from $14.95 to $74.95

Crystal Growing Kit from the Science Alliance

"The kit provides an ample supply of chemicals to grow three different types of crystals.  Includes formula sheet for crystal growth, and text entitled "ROCKS AND MINERALS" which contains comprehensive data on crystals and lattice structure.  This kit contains Aluminum Potassium Sulfate, Cupric Sulfate, and Nickel Sulfate."  $60.00


Crystal lab

link nonfunctional 11/9/01

Mining Life Online Mining Reference/Resource

click on "Tools" on the left navigation bar for access to Miner's, Geologist's, Metallurgist's, and Environmental Toolboxes. Lots more at this site as well.

Crystal Lattice Structures from the Naval Research Lab

contains links to 127 structures in 51 of the 230 space groups

Advanced Certificate in The Principles of Protein Structure

The School of Crystallography at  Birbeck College, London

they're into protein structure determination by X-ray diffraction

BR's Macromolecular Crystallography Web Site
by Bernhard Rupp at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

X-ray crystallography tutorial, web applets, and lots more

Crystals & Gems Primer from PBS Nova

"The Diamond Deception"

there are some really nice pictures and lots of background info here as well as links.

Crystal Image Gallery by Jill Banfield at the University of California, Berkeley
[formerly at U Wisconsin]

a jewel of a site!
Thanks to Lois Ongley for the link update!

Geology Museum at University of Wisconsin, Madison

Educational stuff for kids, teachers, parents and an image gallery too. Photo at left used as per policy "images © Copyright 1995-1996 by Amethyst Galleries, Inc. and may not be copied for commercial purposes. Permission to copy is granted for personal and educational use only. All such copies must include this copyright notice and explicit references to the URL ."  

seeking permission to reproduce a representative  image

Crystals:  Mineralogy database by (David Barthelmy)

chemical composition, pictures, and much more for hundreds of minerals 

seeking permission to reproduce a representative  image

The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom database aka
 Hershel Friedman

multiple excellent photos of each for around 130 minerals, along with lots of other info for several hundred minerals, accessible in a variety of ways.   Mineral Database

"the largest mineral database on the internet. It was started by Jolyon Ralph in 1993 as a PC mineralogy software package for his own use - and was launched for free on the web in October 2000. Currently there are 11,217 different minerals, varieties and synonyms listed, and information on 166,321 mineral occurrences worldwide, from 31,729 different sites."

The Mineral Gallery -- a service of Amethyst Galleries,Inc.

another illustrated searchable site with several hundred entries

Minerals and Gems from the Reciprocal Net

pages with Java applet Chime-like images for 80+ minerals-- however, you have less [and less convenient] control over the display than with Chime

Mineral Web by Alistair R. Lennie at the University of Manchester

~ 100 Chime stuctures of minerals, elements, unit cells and lots of links

The Virtual Museum of Minerals and MoleculesTM
Curators: Phillip Barak, U Wisconsin and Ed Nater, U Minnesota

Chime displays of minerals and some organic molecules from Pala International

searchable, with extensive well-written, gorgeously illustrated articles

The Bancroft Mineral Collection at UC Santa Barbara

lots of goodies here

Crystal Structure Library at Purdue University

Chime displays of a number of common crystal structures

Metals and Unit Cells from Purdue University

no Chime structures, just an illustrated linear text that's really informative

Inorganic Solid State Structures by Wayne P. Anderson at Bloomsburg University, PA and Arlen Viste at Augustana College, SD

Chime structures of common unit cells and some superconducting solids

Inorganic Structure Database by Scot Wherland at Washington State U

Viewable with Chime, RasMol [Berkeley version] or WebLab Viewer; 330 structures available including the Fe(III) oxalate complex at left.

Making Matter: the Atomic Structure of Materials by Marcus Hewat at Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble

neat pictures of crystalline structures and discussion of their applications. Images are static, but they are manipulable if you have a VRML viewer

Structure of Metallic Surfaces by Roger Nix at Queen Mary University, London >Structure of Metallic Surfaces

more extended discussions of unit cells and metal surfaces as well as  links to other good sites; this is just part of a site devoted to surface chemistry 

Metallurgy of Quasicrystals by An Pang Tsai 

a nice introduction

Introduction to Quasicrystals by Steffen Weber

an excellent introduction with lots of links to additional sources

   grow.gif (10037 bytes)  Snow Crystals by Kenneth G. Libbrecht at Caltech and numerous other contributors

beautiful & fascinating science & art -- you'll love it! -- even if, like me, you hate the stuff in bulk!

Solids: Rasmol/Chime structures from Case Western Reserve University

my alma mater comes through with some really nice 3D unit cell structures

Steffen Weber's Home Page

lots of neat stuff here, including bushels of applets...

The Structure of Crystals by Barbara and Frederick Sauls at King's College, Wilkes-Barre PA

pictures and Windows Media Player 3-D animated crystal structures [which can take quite a while to download even on a high-speed link]. Very informative.

CrystalMaker Software by David Palmer of The Open University

Free downloads [Mac only] of demo versions of CrystalMaker 5.0, CrystalDiffract LE, Graphics, Crystals Libraries, and QuickTime movies and VR objects. The QuickTime stuff is PC-viewable. 

Crystal Structure Applets by David N. Blauch at Davidson College

VRML goodies to explore unit cells. lattices, holes, and more

Chemistry and Structure of Crystals Real Video TV Program by Caltech via Oxford

This 15.3 MB puppy takes quite a while to download even with a high-speed connection but the 13-minute movie with sound narration is worth it! You need Real Player, of course!

Sphere Packing Flash Movies by Raymond Chang

covering simple cubic, body-centered cubic, and cubic close-packing / face-centered cubic

An Intoduction to Surface Chemistry by Roger M. Nix at Queen Mary University of London

yet another Brit hit! a really comprehensive intro, with a lot of useful crystallographic information too

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