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Analytical Chemistry

analyze this!


the living truth

Crystals, Gems, Minerals,
 & Metals


Downloads, Software,
 Computers in ChemEd

so good it hertz!
-- or so bad it bytes...

Drugs, Pharmacology,
 Medicinal & Combinatorial

take a dose --
don't be a pill!


Experiments and
Lecture Demos

goodies for kids and adults

General Chem Courses
 and related resources

  for the panicked
freshman in all of us


don't be shy --
after all, you paid for it!


Environmental Health & Safety,
MSDS , etc.

High School Sites

Don't be fooled into thinking
these are not for you -- many of these high school teachers have sites as sophisticated as
 those at many universities!


sites whose main function is
 providing dozens, scores,
 hundreds, thousands, 6.02x1023s
 of chemistry links 

[i.e., the competition] 


"the handmaiden of the sciences"
 or the queen mother of them all!

Miscellaneous -- 
somewhat reorganized!

ChemStuff    Environmental  Food 
  People   Pseudoscience 

If it didn't seem to fit neatly into one of the other categories but I wanted to include it, it's here.
 Probably worth an orientation tour just to see what's there!


seeing is believing -- or,
at least, understanding


 sites with pictures of atomic and molecular orbitals and now sites with VSEPR tutorials

Organic Chem 

omnia carbo regit

Organizations, Societies,
 Associations -- not including
the government

Periodic Tables
for the whole family 
even the
"undesirable elements"
 in the group !


Physical Chemistry 

 slowly growing


I'm still looking for "the" picture
[in more ways than one???]

Polymers Plus

polymers, plastics,
materials science,
 ceramics, glass,
 metallurgy ...

Small Stuff 

If it begins with
micro-, nano-, pico-, etc.
this is probably the place



, MS, g-ray...

Suppliers and Manufacturers


my organic/biochem course
at MPC 

v 3.0 Spring, 2004


General Chemistry II
Summer 2005
v 4.0 now in progress

ESSP 311/311L

Organic Chemistry I at
CSU Monterey Bay
Fall 2002
v 1.0 complete

reserved for future expansion

reserved for future expansion

reserved for future expansion

especially in the gastric region!
reserved for future expansion
Rude Roots Rocker Ron
Sonix I-Ron-X


the graveyard for dead links
 and extinct sites


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