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Drug Info from

Drug Info: manufacturers from

  Rx List .com

Drug Info from PharmWWW

FDA Orange Book

Drug infosearch: ChemNavigator

Data on millions of compounds with possible pharmaceutical activity; this site will give you a limited free trial, but it's a subscription site and quite expensive -- unless you can your employer to pick up the tab! {I couldn't}

Photo copyright Henriette Kress,
Henriette's Herbal Home Page by Henriette Kress

4300 pictures of plants, an extensive database, links to other sites, and much more -- a winner!


Guide to Poisonous Plants by A.P. Knight at Colorado State U College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

botanical and toxicological information in a searchable, beautifully illustrated field-handbook format

Poisonous Plants Home Page at Cornell University

searchable database and links to other poisonous plant sites

the Lycaeum   "Entheogenic Database and Community"

 a searchable database of hallucinogenic chemicals and plants apparently set up by a group of connoisseurs of hallucinogenic drugs!  I found this site during a structure inquiry on Salvinorin A, which was mentioned in a newspaper article,  when sent me there for additional info. This site included for information purposes only. As a recovering substance abuser myself, I can tell you most definitely that you won't find salvation through Salvinorin or any other  agent on their list!  "Entheogenic?" -- I don't think so!


Koch Crime Institute: "Is there a Meth Lab Cookin' in Your Neighborhood?"


DEA seal
DEA  Drug Enforcement Administration

they're on the case -- make sure it's not your case!

  Clinical Pharmacology 2000

this site is changing to a subscription-only format on August 1, 2001 -- Educators MAY  still be able to get free access IF they list the site as a required or recommended reference in their syllabus

Medical Pharmacology Disease-Based Integrated Instruction
 by Michael Gordon at University of Kansas School of Medicine

formerly at

lots of good stuff here with audio and some video

Pharmabase database of cellular physiology & pharmacology 

"NIH funded database ... developed as a research tool, a resource for students, and an ongoing interactive forum on the use of pharmacological compounds in cellular research. ... detailed compound records with interactive features that include a secure personal notepad, a form to send comments to the editor, and an interactive forum screen shared by all Pharmabase members. Membership is free."


as the name implies, primarily a dictionary of terms

USP - U.S. Pharmacopeia

United States Pharmacopeia

not much actual meat available online -- you'll have to order your own copy if you want reference material

Wilkes University School of Pharmacy

a nice site with lots of links home page

combinatorial chemistry links, suppliers, news, events, jobs, ...

Combi-Web Consortium 

a consortium of four closely-related sites dealing with various aspects of combinatorial chemistry:


ChemBridge Corporation

established provider of discovery chemical products and services, combinatorial libraries, handcrafted producted collections, and related services.

ATSDR  Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry

has searchable databases and much more


The ToxFAQ list has valuable toxicity information on scores of chemicals in a non-MSDS format

National Toxicology Program

deviating once again from strict alphabeticity to bring you the best!


Poison Info Center at UC San Diego


Society of Forensic Toxicologists, Inc.

lots of interesting links worth exploring

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