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ChemMovies ["Becker Demos"] via David W. Brooks at  University of Nebraska -- Lincoln 


QuickTime movies of 60 demos. Dave has been directing his substantial experience and expertise in chemistry education toward improving the teaching of high school chemistry. See more of his work on my High School page.

DVAction: Digital Video to Assist Chemistry Teachers and Instructors Online from Northwestern University


around 80 images and/or videos illustrating various chemical techniques

Dr. Slime's Experimentsby Mike Garlick at Delta College, MI


ewwwwww, sliiimmmme!  Actually, the URL changed, and so did the page itself, but now there's a downloadable [.PDF] Dr. Slime coloring book and other things for young folks

Dr Aargh safety website for youth from the New Zealand Occupational Safety and Health Service


this site really belongs on my "HazMatters" page, but I put it here to be with the other kid-oriented sites -- and of course, safety should be the prime consideration when doing experiments anyway.

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen by Brian Carusella

now at   http://www.geocities.com/molerat1964/default.htm

formerly at   http://freeweb.pdq.net/headstrong/index.htm

nearly 100 experiments and demos, many of interest to the younger set.

Bob and Missy's Web Page by Robert Baar and Melissa Payne at Jeffersontown HS, Louisville, KY


Has 30 inquiry/problem-solving activities/experiments in Acrobat .PDF format

ChemLab Chemistry 3/5 and 6 Laboratories at Dartmouth College


lots of good stuff here, including illustrated descriptions of common lab techniques

"DoChem" Doing Chemistry Experiment Site from the American Chemical Society

Descriptions, keywords, teacher's guides, protocols, and procedures for 134 different experiments.

Experiments at Home


Ekidplace: Science Experiments for Kids


might be OK, but all those annoying, almost-impossible-to-get-rid-of ads for BONZIBuddy and InternetBoost downloads have GOT TO GO!

Experiments:  Chem4Kids   


yeah, it's a repeat listing -- but it fits well here

Making Science Make Sense by the Bayer Corporation


a well-laid-out site for children [and their parents and teachers] that includes some experiments, an interactive periodic table, and other goodies.

The Exploratorium:  San Francisco's Science Museum


definitely worth exploring -- online or in person! 

Experiments:  Pfizer Fun Zone


as long as I'm grouping all the stuff for younger folks together.....


Fun Science Gallery by Giorgio Carboni


most, but not all, deal with optics

Science Is Fun by Bassam Z. Shakashiri at U Wisconsin, Madison 


a website from the king of chemical demos ! Has experiments that can be done at home and lots more

Hands On Science: Quick and Easy Activities from the Southeastern Michigan Math-Science Learning Coalition & Michigan Reach Out!


separate pages of activities for preschool, early and late elementary, middle, and high school

Sandlot Science


over 100 original exhibits, most dealing with illusions

Science Demonstrations by Charles E Ophardt at Elmhurst College, IL


includes ~40 that can be done at home with ordinary stuff
and ~60 requiring lab chemicals

Toys and Science
by Roberto Gobbo et al. at the University of Trento, Italy


neat stuff from several areas of physics

Chemistry in the Toy Store by David A. Katz
at Pima Community College


good explanations accompany the instructions for a number of interesting activities

Internet Public Library  Science Fair Project Resource Guide


A good place to start to plan that project.

Element Games by Stephen F. Gagnon at Jefferson Lab


For elements: Flash Cards, Math Game, Crossword, Hangman, Concentration, Matching; also other games in science, math, and reading. And while you're there, check out the other sci-ed resources.

Exploring the Nanoworld from the MRSEC at the University of Wisconsin


All sorts of neat stuff you can do -- modeling with Legos, QuickTime nanomovies, resources/references, .... Thanks to Larry Woolf at General Atomics < http://www.sci-ed-ga.org > for this tip 

This site is a resource for education and outreach efforts associated with the National Science Foundation-supported Materials Research Science and Engineering Center on Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces.


ICE  Institute for Chemical Education at U Wisconsin


"... has books, kits, and tools to help you communicate the relevance, excitement, and fun of chemistry." In addition to teaching materials, ICE also has outreach activities, teacher workshops, and is developing a list of links.

Kitchen Culture Kits, Inc.  Plant Tissue Culture Site


Plant tissue culture in home or classroom without expensive equipment. Products, information, and links.



Experiments and Demos: Links from Peter Keusch at U Regensburg  



 you can also get there by going to   http://www-oc.chemie.uni-regensburg.de/  >> Akad. Dir. P. Keusch, Fachdidaktik Chemie [which takes you to the German version] >> English version >> Links  

Earlier, I had written: Sure, I could have just pirated all the links here that I didn't have already, but it's easier and better this way....  Herr Akademic Direktor Keusch has assembled an impressive array of experimental info, with a wealth of inorganic demos from all over the world, along with his own excellent videos [you'll need Real Player] for organic experiments.
Many thanks to Peter for helping me correct the links to this site.
As of 4/24/03 the site is bigger and better than ever!

Organic Lab Pages by Patty Feist at the University of Colorado, Boulder


absolutely fabulous illustrated presentations on organic lab techniques and spectroscopy -- another real tour de force -- I wish I had done something nearly as good.

and the Organic Chem Course Page



The Lab Archive at Everett Community College by Cathy Sarisky and other contributors 


or  http://labarchive.dynu.com/  link to be phased out soon

or  http://labarchive.homeip.net/  link to be phased out soon

Brand new! Alpha version has over 100 chemistry experiments as of 11/15/01, but Cathy envisions it expanding to encompass much more, including biology and physics as well. Everything is free, and others are encouraged to contribute their experiments.

George Goble's Extended Home Page


George is the guy who has achieved quite a bit of notoriety for his large-scale demos involving liquid oxygen and charcoal grills. There are still photos and MPEG movies of a number of such events at this site.

General Chem [CHM 151LL] Lab Manual by Yi Guo at Phoenix College


A nice set of experiments with photos.

Chemical Demonstrations by Oliver Seely at CSU Dominguez Hills



The primary emphasis of this profusely-illustrated site is on the proper use of  laboratory equipment.


"Delights of Chemistry" Lecture Demos and Animations  from  U of Leeds




40 experiments explained, > 500 photos and ~ 30 animated GIF files.
I noticed these folks were really adamant about letting even their own faculty use the university crest, so I "modified" the image at the left. Hope it doesn't violate the guidelines!

Lecture Demonstration Movie Sheets by George Bodner at Purdue University


another winner! Instructions and QuickTime videos of a large number of well-organized chemistry demos.

Fractal Experiments from the Boston University Polymer Center


 Neat experiments with text, instructions, and illustrations demonstrating fractal behavior in: electrochemical deposition, viscous fingering, resistor networks, bacterial colonies, and Liesegang patterns.  

Lecture Demos  from  UC San Diego


descriptions and procedures for 50 demonstrations and/or experiments

Lecture Demo Videos  by  Kevin Boudreaux at Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX


 with major emphasis on pyrotechnic displays

multicolored flames Lecture Demos from the Chemistry Learning Center at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


a fairly short but well-chosen list of demos with QuickTime and Windows Media videos. And check out the rest of the CLC site while you're there.

Lecture Demos: Use of Animations and Simulations by Gary L. Bertrand at the University of Missouri-Rolla

http://www.umr.edu/~gbert/bertrand.html    keep hitting "Refresh"

Gary presented a paper to the April '01 CONFCHEM. This site has animated presentations of: Bomb Calorimetry, Dissolution Processes, VSEPR, Buoyancy Effects, Intermolecular Interactions in the Gas Phase, Loren Hepler's Magic Jumping Beans, Thermodynamics of Batteries, Nuclear Decay, and Uncertainty Calculator

Lee Marek's Home Page  [formerly at Naperville North HS, IL]


     another really together high school teacher's site with great info on DEMOS!  
presented a paper in the April '01 ConfChem

Microscale Gas Experiments by Bruce Mattson at Creighton University

http://mattson.creighton.edu/  >> Microscale Gas Experiments

Details for preparing 17 different gases and additional experiments that can be done with them; includes sources and catalog numbers. Also other miscellaneous useful stuff.

Physical Chemistry Demos at U Wisconsin


pictures, descriptions and references for a wide variety of demos

General Chemistry Demos at U Wisconsin


pictures, descriptions and references for a wide variety of demos


HC+RS "Home Labor Page" von Harald Chmela und Richard Smetana


Nur auf deutsch bestellt, aber hier findet man ausgezeichneten und  nützliche Informationen für interessante Versuche und unkonventionelle elektrikalische Experimente mit  theoretischen Erklärungen. Seriously, folks, these "two guys from Stockerau [Austria]" have put together a really fine -- and colorful -- site with pictures,  videos, and explanations of physics demos and lots more. Even if your German is rustier than mine, you'll find this site is worth scoping out!

"Kelvin's Thunderstorm" Lord Kelvin's water-drop electrostatic generator by Bill Beaty 


Theoretical background and practical instructions on building this fascinating and effective machine.

Kelvin Generator page by Harald Chmela and Richard Smetana


Totally in German, but the excellent photos and videos will complement the info at the previous entry.


Online Physics Demo Room at North Carolina State U


with their Top 50 demos and lots of other goodies!

Physics Lecture Demonstration Office at U Texas, Austin


very brief procedure descriptions with photos and/or diagrams of a very large and well-organized selection of physics demos

PSRC Physical Sciences Resource Center


lots of goodies here including links to physics demos

PIRA 200 Demo List from the Physics Instructional Resource Association
hosted at Wake Forest University


illustrated setups for 200 demos in mechanics, fluid mechanics, oscillations and waves, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics, modern physics, and astronomy

Science Hobbyist site by Bill Beaty


Lots of good physics demos, including some for kids. Definitely worth visiting.

Science in Motion Gateway Website from Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA


Chemistry Lab List at


and a pretty extensive list it is!

SEED Science Lab  by  Schlumberger Ltd.


experiments and teacher's notes for a variety of experiments


Soap Bubbles by Ron Hipschman at the S.F. Exploratorium


popping good fun!

Soap making


instructions from a woman who does it herself!

Steve Spangler Science Experiments


looks like some really neat stuff here from
"the master communicator who shares his passion for teaching people how to be amazing."

Strange Matter
the Materials Research Society, NSF, and the Ontario Science Center


Aimed at the 10-13 age group, this interactive website has five main sections: Zoom Inside Stuff, Transform Stuff, Crush Stuff, Improve Stuff, and Fun Stuff

Virtual Chemistry Experiments and Exercises by David N. Blauch at Davidson College


wow! The index alone prints out at 15 pages! Applets and VRML explorations of atomic structure, chemical analysis, chemical bonding, equilibria, kinetics, crystal structure, gases, phase changes, and calorimetry -- a winner!

Virtual Laboratory at Oxford U


Virtual Chemistry Lab from the irYdium Project at Carnegie Mellon University


JAVA Applets that let you select chemicals to mix and see what happens.

The Visual Organic Chemistry Laboratory by Daniel A. Strauss at San Jose State University


formerly at  http://www.chemistry.sjsu.edu/straus/visioche.htm

really nice illustrated presentations of common organic lab techniques and experiments along with excellent QuickTime™ videos on these techniques.
A definite winner!

Neuroscience Experiments and Activities by Eric H. Chudler at Washington University


part of Eric's truly great "Neuroscience for Kids" site.

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