General Chemistry

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also see the High School, USA page for even more genchem goodies!

Access to Chemistry by the University of Oxford

featuring the prechemistry virtual textbook at

a really beautifully done exposition. Also see Oxford's chemistry Virtual  Laboratory on my "experiments and lecture demonstrations" page or via the main access above. 

BestChoice Chemistry Tutorials by Sheila Woodgate at the University of Auckland

an aptly-named brand-new tour de force, with over 1200 classy-looking interactive screens covering such areas as stoichiometry, bonding, inorganic, equilibrium, redox, acid-base, organic additions, and kinetics. Still under development, but already a definite winner!

Bob Belford's General Chemistry Page at the University of Arkansas

lots of well-chosen links, as well as Bob's own excellent PowerPoint presentations and interactive quizzes.
And Bob has the generous spirit of sharing that has helped make the internet  great!

Caveman Chemistry by Kevin Dunn at Hampden-Sydney College       

creative, informative, and entertaining! check it out!!

Colby College Chemistry home

lots of great stuff -- you'll see more of them on this list under Organic

Chem1 Concept Builder™ by Steve Lower (retired) Simon Fraser U

you may have noticed that Steve Lower has several entries in this list  -- that should show how together his act is!

Instructional Resources for Chemistry by Steve Lower (retired) Simon Fraser U

you may have noticed that Steve Lower has several entries in this list  -- that should show how together his act is!

Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic
by "Doc" Brown, Whitby, UK

tons of great stuff here, organized for the UK equivalents of
US grades 6-8, 8-10, 11-12

General Chem at Connecticut College

General Chem Case Studies from Kennesaw U, GA

an interesting little collection of real-life supplements 

Case Studies in Chemistry by John S. Hutchinson at Rice University

Nine studies summarizing the experimental evidence and lines of reasoning leading to some important basic chemical concepts. Register [free] and get a password to access.

General Chem Online by Fred Senese at Frostburg State U, Md

winner of numerous awards for excellence in online education

"Just Ask Antoine"  help in general chemistry by Fred Senese

a searchable archive of over 400 questions asked by students online.

Chemistry Survival Guide by Shelley Gaudia at Lane CC, Eugene, OR

great advice on time management and study techniques for general chemistry -- and everything else! 
You might also want to see Shelley's
Chem 104 Online site at 

Visualization and Problem Solving for General Chemistry at Purdue University

lots of goodies here, including VSEPR, crystal structures, atomic and molecular orbitals, and much more.

The Chemistry Hypermedia Project

The Chemistry Hypermedia Project by Brian Tissue at Virginia Tech

Online resources for students, educators, and scientists in analytical chemistry [including spectroscopy], general chem, and more. Right on, Hokies!

MERLOT homepage Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching  the "tasting room"   the home page   the chemistry section

BrowseArtifacts.po-catcode=97&browsecat=1 cool chem stuff

A free and open resource for faculty and students in higher education, MERLOT is the product of a consortium of (mostly) public institutions of higher education [including CCC's and CSU] with divisions devoted to biology, business, chemistry, engineering, health science, history, information technology, mathematics, music, physics, psychology, and teacher education.

CHEM 1314 [Fall 2000] by John I. Gelder at Oklahoma State U

syllabus, useful lecture notes, lab experiments, old exams, links to other courses at OK State [I can't bring myself to call it "OSU" -- that means a totally different school  to someone born and raised in the Buckeye State!] and lots of other good stuff

Freshman Chemistry by Carl W. David at University of Connecticut

lots of exam-related material here.

General Chemistry Homepage by Randy Duran at University of Florida

lots of neat course notes with varying degrees of depth

General Chemistry I: A Virtual Textbook by Michael Blaber at Florida State U

yessss!! If only Michael had a similar page for Gen Chem II...

General Chemistry II: A Virtual Textbook by Michael Blaber at Florida State U

yessss!!  He does!!

Honors Chemistry "Post-Class Notes" by Tom Bitterwolf at U Idaho

The index page has a long list of topics, each linked to a separate page with highly-informative, well-written presentations, most with illustrations.

and the main course page at


The irYdium Project at Carnegie Mellon University

"The IrYdium Project develops educational software that can be integrated flexibly into introductory chemistry courses nationwide. Our goal is to create simulation-based learning environments where college and high school students can approach chemistry more like practicing scientists and see interesting real-world applications of key concepts."

An NSF-funded project featuring a "virtual laboratory" and lots of applets.

Global Instructional Chemistry by Henry Rzepa at Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine   London

an eclectic list of 48 interesting chemistry sites, last updated April 1998

Lab Tutorials for General Chemistry from Washington University

lots of good stuff, much of it biochemically-oriented

Mark Bishop's Chemistry Site at  Monterey Peninsula College

lots of useful general chemistry stuff from my colleague at MPC, including PowerPoint presentations, tutorials, Chime structures, links, periodic table, Shockwave animations, ....

Frank M. Lanzafame's web site at Monroe CC, NY

lots of useful info here

Online Introductory Chemistry by Walt Volland at Bellevue CC, Washington

looks quite useful

General Chemistry by Angel C. de Dios at Georgetown University

check out the very useful and colorful subsections on quantum mechanics, atomic and molecular orbitals, states of matter, equilibrium, and entropy

Chem Ed Resource Shelf, JCE, University of  Missouri at St. Louis

The Chemical Educator from Springer Verlag New York, Inc.

An online subscription journal with free searchable abstract access.

Chemguide by Jim Clark of Cornwall, UK

Really great presentations on atomic structure and bonding, basic organic chemistry, organic reaction mechanisms, instrumental analysis, and chemical calculations. Jim is a Cambridge grad and the retired Head of Science at the Truro School in Cornwall.

Chem Resources at Brock University

Chem121 toolkit by Bob Hanson at  St. Olaf College

St Olaf College Chemistry Toolkits

Chem Resources at Lebanon Valley College, PA

Chem Resources at Raritan Valley CC, NJ


University of Maryland

Chem Resources at University of Maryland    

Chemistry Tutoring Center by Liina Ladon at Towson University, MD

lots of "handouts" dealing with the common vexations in general chem and some for organic, too.

Chem Tutorials and Simulations by Gary L.Bertrand at University of Missouri at Rolla 

Chem 1:

"Not for Chem1"

Many in the second group require the SuperCard browser plug-in from Incwell; all are Mac-compatible and about 70% are Windows-compatible.

Chemistry-Based QuickTime, Shockwave Flash, 
GIF Animations, and Streaming Audio by Thomas G. Chasteen at Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

an extensive collection of animations, many of which have .PDF and/or HTML augmentations available. Primarily oriented towards analytical chem, but there is lots of good stuff here.

Chemistry Flash Animations by Raymond Chang

On topics like Rutherford's expt, limiting reagent, molecular view, properties of gases, line spectra, atomic radii, hybridization, sphere packing, Le Chatelier's principle, acid ionization, buffers, galvanic cells, and radioactive decay.

Media Portfolio to accompany General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications 8/e by Petrucci, Harwood, and Herring (Prentice-Hall)

lots of goodies here

Wiley ChemConnections Teaching Modules at Beloit College, WI

movies require QuickTime and applets require Java/Javascript. These Modules have been developed under the direction of the ChemLinks Coalition, headed by Beloit College, and the ModularChem Consortium, headed by the University of California at Berkeley.

 ChemConnections Teaching Modules  at UC Berkeley

an NSF-funded program to restructure the undergraduate chemistry curriculum, for which they have developed a substantial number of excellent teaching modules and several JAVA applets. The list of modules available here is not the same as the list at Beloit.

Descriptive Chem Web Site

tutorials, practice quizzes, etc.

National Mole Day Home Page

Celebrate Mole Day on October 23 (1023) from 6:02 AM to 6:02 PM

CHEMystery virtual textbook


Learning Chem thru JAVA by Andrew Rappe at University of Pennsylvania

how do you like them applets?  just fine!!!

The House of Chemistry by Don Davis at the College of Lake County, IL

just getting started, but looks like it has possibilities... and Don has finally posted a flattering link to this site!
Don Davis passed away on 2/15/03. He will be missed.

The Science House at NC State U

teacher resources

Eric Weisstein's World of Chemistry

an encyclopedic approach, in development, lots of references

Erik Epp's Chemistry Site

From a student's point of view. Stuff to help other students with AP, general, and organic chem. Well-laid-out site.

Larry Wier's Chemistry Pages at St. Bonaventure University

Larry listed my "Molecular Heaven" page on his site without my even asking, so the least I can do is to return the favor. Under his "Clare 102" heading, Larry has some nice historical/conceptual presentations on matter, atoms, light, and electrons.

University of Texas at Austin Chemistry Course Webpages

LOTS of courses with webpage info -- I've barely begun to explore this site, but the small sample I saw looked very promising!

Chemistry Courses at North Carolina State University

Links to the homepages of 18 chem courses and their faculty; many of these courses utilize WebCT and WebAssign; actual stuff available to outsiders varies widely, but it's worth checking out.

Second Law of Thermodynamics by Frank L. Lambert, Professor Emeritus, Occidental College  and its offspring sites   and

these sites are intended to correct the common misconceptions about the precise meaning of the word "entropy" and do this by explaining clearly what it is and is not. You'll gain a new appreciation of entropy itself and the role of activation energy in everything important to us.

Basic Chemical Thermodynamics from University of Sunderland


Brooks-Cole Chemistry Resource Center 

formerly at

material mainly linked to their own line of textbooks, but you'll find lots of useful things here even if you don't use their texts.

Chemistry Place -- Tutorials from Benjamin/Cummings/Pearson

publisher's tutorials for high school and college chemistry

The Web Science Project at IUPUI  Indiana University / Purdue University Indianapolis

Chemistry Archive

all sorts of goodies including "What is Chemistry Good For?" and week-by-week course notes, ancillary material, and warmup exercises. Also has sections on biology, math, and physics.


tutorials, etc.

World Lecture Hall at U Texas >> Browse by area

wow!   talk about resources!

WWW Chemistry at UCLA

LINKS!!!!!  Unfortunately, it's been quite a while since the last update, and I've been told that the proportion of nonfunctional links is even higher than mine!

WWW Project for Chemistry by George Wiger at Cal State U Dominguez Hills

online tutorials in general and organic chemistry; lots of useful links

and also see  the CSUDH Chemistry Webserver 

formerly at

for lots of other goodies

WWW-based Graduate Postcertification Teacher Training in Chemistry
David W. Brooks at the University of Nebraska -- Lincoln

Even college teachers will find a lot to learn and use here!  Courses in: Nuclear Chemistry, Water and Solutions, Carbon Chemistry and Polymers, Matter and Energy, Electrons and Periodicity, Molecular Biology, Biomolecules, Energy and Metabolism, Instrumentation, Acids and Bases, Chemical Equilibrium, and Gases and the Atmosphere.

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