Haz Matters

including:  Environmental Health, Safety,  MSDS ,....

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ANSI  American National Standards Institute


most of the info you probably want is for purchase 

American Society of Safety Engineers


San Francisco Chapter


"Founded in 1911, ASSE is the oldest and largest professional safety organization. Its more than 30,000 members manage, supervise and consult on safety, health, and environmental issues in industry, insurance, government and education. ASSE has 13 practice specialties, 149 chapters, 56 sections and 64 student sections."  

lots of useful stuff at the San Francisco chapter site

ATSDR  Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry


has searchable databases and much more



The ToxFAQ list has valuable toxicity information on scores of chemicals in a non-MSDS format

CCEHSA   California Campus Environmental Health & Safety Association 


new beta version temporarily at: http://somsafety.stanford.edu/ccehsa/index.html

formerly at: http://riso.fullerton.edu/ccehsa

a small but growing and very worthwhile organization. I attended their annual conference [Aug. '01 -- conveniently, for me, in Monterey, CA -- next year in San Diego] and learned lots of useful things. We need more members -- take that as a not-so-subtle hint!

CDC  Centers for Disease Control      



U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board


 Investigations & reports of chemical incidents, news releases, a large searchable link list, job opportunities, and lots more. Thanks to Donald Rosenthal for this tip [and for including this page on a list of EHS sites recently posted on ConfChem].

Consumer/Household Product info

the NFPA-style  "Diamond for Dummies" by Ron Rinehart


my own infamous little contribution to improved hazard communication -- you'll either love it  [over 50 people responded to an offer I made some time ago to my listserv offer for the MS Word version, and the feedback I got was uniformly positive]  or hate it -- the wisdom of the ancients, the late Rick Nelson [remember "Garden Party"?], and my own experience all confirm the dictum that you can't please everyone!

NFPA Chemical Hazard Labels from Michigan State University Office of Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Safety


   Health Flammability Reactivity & Special Notice  ratings for several hundred chemicals as well as an explanation of their meanings.

ECDIN   Environmental Chemical Data & Info Network (Italy)  


useful hazmat info searching -- got me the name corresponding to a CAS # when US-based sites couldn't on more than one occasion

Environmental Health & Safety at Auburn University


a well-organized site with lots of good stuff. Some sections were not accessible on 10/25/02 -- and some areas still seem to be in development...

Environmental Health & Safety at Cornell University


"gorge" yourself on loads of useful information ! 

Environmental Health & Safety at UC Berkeley


unfortunately, all the good hazmat/MSDS stuff is only accessible if you have a UC IP address and account/password.  There is still a great deal of other  information that is accessible, but much of that is so campus-specific you may not find it too useful.  However, the UCB Office of Radiation Safety [including Laser Safety] pages [listed separately below under "R" and also on my "Physics" page] are fully accessible.

Environmental Health & Safety at Stanford University


Several folks I know at other schools regard this site as their prime online EH&S reference. It's extensive, thorough, well-organized, and accessible.

Environmental Health & Safety at Stanford University School of Medicine


While perhaps not as extensive as the main Stanford EHS site, there is plenty to check out at this one.

Environmental Health & Safety at UC Davis


a great site, newly revamped. Lots of useful stuff here, including the brand-new Chemical & Laboratory Safety Manual, about which Debbie Decker of UCD EHS says: "Feel free to borrow whatever makes you happy <grin>." Right on, Deb!

Environmental Health & Safety at U Illinois Urbana-Champaign


another really useful site. I especially liked their "chemical waste fact sheets."

Environmental Health & Safety at U Kansas


has a downloadable lab safety manual and on-line training.

Safety Office of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at CSU Long Beach


Lots of good stuff here, and they believe in full access. I just [Jan '02] attended their one-day laboratory safety workshop and found it very worthwhile.

Environmental Health & Safety at CSU Fullerton


lots of well-organized useful stuff here

Environmental Health & Safety at CSU San Marcos


I love their logo!

Environmental Health & Safety at Oklahoma State University


a really great, very useful site loaded with safety training information, much of it in modular form.

Michigan State University Office of Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Safety


looks like a very extensive site -- I just stumbled onto this one recently. Has NFPA chemical hazard label list [see below at bottom of MSDS section]

Environmental Health & Safety at Florida Atlantic University


another well-organized EH&S site with lots of training info and other goodies

Environmental Health & Safety at the University of Vermont


One more very useful university EH&S site. Lots of well-organized and useful information. Links to the SAFETY e-mail list hosted at UVM

EPA  The U.S. Environmental Protection Administration


another site loaded with info, news, laws and regulations, and more -- all of it affecting YOU!  EPA is one of the relatively few great accomplishments of the Nixon administration.  Will the Bush-leaguers "remediate" it into total impotence or death? Stay tuned!  

(I can already sense hordes of male readers thinking  "What do you mean, 'or'? -- impotence IS death!")

Cal/EPA California Environmental Protection Agency



2001: A Waste Odyssey -- Conference Proceedings of the 19th Annual College and University Hazardous Waste Conference at the University of Arizona, August 2001


Some of the PowerPoint stuff takes a long time to download, but it's often worth the wait. I recommend opening the presentations in a new window to avoid hassles returning to the main page.

EPA profiles:  Extremely Hazardous Substances



EPA factsheets / EMCI chem refs



  Explosives  Y-archive


Enviro Safetech Inc., San Jose, CA


Providers of a wide variety of EH&S services including training [the recent hazwaste handling session I had from them was excellent], inspections, audits, written programs, etc. 

HazCat Kit for material identification from Haztech Systems, Inc.


This kit enables a trained operator to perform over 100 tests leading to identification or categorization of over 1000 hazardous and non-hazardous substances, including flammables, corrosives, caustics, poisons, metals, paints, plastics, pesticides, oxidizers, explosives, water-reactives, and asbestos. Cost is $2400 to $2650 depending on version selected. Our local fire department used this kit when responding to a recent "white powder incident"  on our campus.

HazMat: CA Reportable Chemicals list from UC Riverside 



HazMat Safety homepage,  DOT US Department of Transportation


loaded with links, this site is a valuable reference as well as an outstanding example of government actually working the way it should!

hcPro's Healthsafetyinfo.com "The Healthcare Safety Supersite™"


I strongly suggest that you take a look at their home page. Lots of links to other safety sites and news articles.

Institute of Hazardous Materials Management


Issues a "Certified Hazardous Materials Manager™" (CHMM® ) credential

Flinn Scientific, Inc. Safety Homepage


lots of useful info here -- 

Illinois Guidebook for Science Safety in Schools


also available via


 in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format


LSI  The Lab Safety Institute



Founded by Jim Kaufman, this organization is dedicated to the purpose implicit in its name.


LABSAFETY-L listserv discussion list  maintained at Southern Illinois University in conjunction with the Lab Safety Institute

Send a message to LISTSERV@SIU.EDU .

  In the body of the message say... SUB LABSAFETY-L Your Name.   

 additional details available at  http://www.labsafety.org 

archives available at   http://www.labsafety.org/archives.htm


NACHO   National Association of Chemical Hygiene Officers -- a free service of the Lab Safety Institute

Send a message to LISTSERV@SIU.EDU. In the body of the message say... SUB LABSAFETY-L Your Name

additional details available at  http://www.labsafety.org


Lab Safety info from Cornell University


useful stuff, especially on fume hoods and centrifuges

xxx Lab Safety info from U Oregon


Laboratory Safety Course from the Biology Department at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls


a really useful introduction to laboratory safety including hazard codes, PPE, hoods, disposal, and more.

Laboratory Survival Manual from Office of Environmental Health and Safety at University of Virginia 


tons of useful stuff in a well laid-out site covering: asbestos, biological, chemical, ergonomic, fire, gene therapy, industrial hygiene, laser, lead, occupational, and radiation safety. Online training for U Va employees only, but the information itself is accessible to all and some of it [e.g., biosafety] is downloadable.

aihalogo.gif (5352 bytes)

Laboratory Safety Incidents Page from American Industrial Hygiene Association


indexed by topic and key instruction concept; has useful links, too

Practicing Safe Science
Laboratory Safety Training Online

Howard Hughes Medical Institute


not as extensive as the U Wisconsin at River Falls site, but every bit of safety info available to the public helps!
The version of this site at Yale University which I had listed previously now requires login [
boo! hiss! Harvard and Columbia, are you listening?]

Online Hazmat School run by the Association of Bay Area Governments


I was originally directed here by the US DOT Office of Hazardous Materials listing of third party hazmat training services. It looks like a pretty good setup -- I'll let you know more after I've taken one of their courses, which I intend to do in the near future.

  NFPA   National Fire Protection Association 


members get a 10% discount on publications and other merchandise, much of which you are VERY likely to want and/or need!

Office of Radiation Safety Web Site at UC Berkeley


unlike Berkeley's EH&S site, this one is fully open and accessible in keeping with the principle that safety knowledge should be shared freely. Covers both ionizing radiation and nonionizing radiation, including laser, safety. I met Dewey Sprague, UCB's Laser Safety Officer, at the recent CCEHSA conference and was totally impressed with his presentation, his dedication, and his wide scope of safety and organizational expertise.

OSHA  Occupational Health and Safety Administration


lots of important information available here.  The Bush-leaguers have OSHA on their hit list too. 

"Cal/OSHA"  California Division of Occupational Safety and Health


considered by those in the know to be at least as stringent as "FedOSHA" -- especially important to us in the Golden State if Dr. "W" 's radical proposed surgery [butchery] succeeds

CCOSH  Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety


There is a wealth of useful information here. 

"Not a subscriber? Please be our guest."

NOHSC Australian National Occupational Health and Safety Commission


another very useful site

OSH  New Zealand Occupational Safety and Health Service, Dept. of Labour


another useful site, featuring Dr. Aargh, a website for the young [link to which is available on my Experiments page]


UK Health and Safety Executive 


OSHA for Brits

Having 25% Welsh ancestry myself, I was somewhat encouraged that Her Majesty's Government is making some degree of accommodation to the original victims of English expansionism [and the Irish are complaining about only 800 years?]

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work


with links to the member nations' websites as well

RAIS  Risk Assessment Information System at Oak Ridge National Lab


"...sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Environmental Management, Oak Ridge Operations (ORO) Office ... through a contract with Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC"

has tutorials and tools to perform risk assessments that comply with EPA guidance



as long as we're on the subject....

Safety Posters   PowerPoint presentations from SIRI at U Vermont


Lots of useful goodies available

Vermont SIRI   Safety Information Resources, Inc.


MSDS, links, discussion board, online library, and so much more!!!

Swiki Anderson and Associates  Consulting Engineers


A frequent and intelligent  contributor to the Labsafety-L listserv [albeit with a vested self-interest in the matters under discussion], Swiki is very involved with fume hoods, HVAC, IAQ, etc. Useful info in the Tech Notes section.

Accu*Aire Controls, Inc.   1516 Shiloh Avenue  Bryan, TX 77803


this is Swiki Anderson's  company as well, specializing in laboratory ventilation and fume hood systems. There is useful technical and regulatory ingormation at this site as well.



Remember when a Material Safety Data Sheet was just that -- a single sheet with the essentials all right there? No more! Everyone's so busy covering their butts that they now issue MSDBooklets with every possible extraneous situation covered. Oh-so-handy when you really have an emergency! Don't believe me? Look at a MSDS for sucrose, or better yet, for glucose, the stuff that's powering your brain right now, and see if it doesn't sound like the nastiest stuff around. But don't listen to me, I'm just a cranky old codger way past his PEL. I have, however, been seeing similar comments from others lately on various discussion lists. Anyway, if there aren't enough sources on this page, remember that you can also get MSDS online from many manufacturers and suppliers !

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 ChemFinder.com  by CambridgeSoft 


the best first stop for quick info on compounds; Get CAS numbers to assist further searches and, in many cases, direct links to MSDS and other useful info.

ECDIN   Environmental Chemical Data & Info Network (Italy)


This is a repeat entry, and it doesn't give MSDS as we are used to them in the USA, but it does have uses in hazmat info searching -- it has found the name corresponding to a CAS # -- when US-based sites couldn't -- on more than one occasion



Bacterial / Microbial MSDS from Health Canada/Santé Canada


important safety information on approximately 200 species of microorganisms. "...organized to contain health hazard information such as infectious dose, viability (including decontamination), medical information, laboratory hazard, recommended precautions, handling information and spill procedures. The intent of these documents is to provide a safety resource for laboratory personnel working with these infectious substances."

Carcinogens  info from  University of  Oxford  


MSDS from Vermont SIRI

http://siri.org/msds/   or    http://hazard.com/msds/

this seems to be the first choice of lots of folks

MSDS: Vermont SIRI Archive at UC Davis


a mirror site

  MSDS Info from University of  Kansas EHS


duh! I had a bad link for this but have fixed it . They don't have MSDS online here, but they do have useful instructions on how to find them at other sites, including manufacturer/supplier sites.

     MSDS from Cornell University


http://msds.ehs.cornell.edu/  main page

http://msds.ehs.cornell.edu/tscasrch.asp Toxic Substances Control Act search

old URL:   http://msds.pdc.cornell.edu/msdssrch.asp

over 250,000 from various sources

MSDS from Interactive Learning Paradigms Inc 


has lots of links to find MSDS on the internet, an extensive glossary, links to relevant sections of 29CFR19xx, and an interactive MSDS quiz. Definitely worth checking out!

International Chemical Safety Cards from  CDC/NIOSH  




reached from a list of several hundred chemicals. the "cards" are laid out in a highly readable and logical format -- sort of like how MSDS should be!  Available in 13 languages. The English ones come in US National and WHO/EU International versions.

International Chemical Safety Cards from Vermont SIRI


reached from a list of several hundred chemicals. the "cards" are laid out in a highly readable and logical format -- sort of like how MSDS should be!

Mexican Laws .com Chemical Database


" This guide presents the classification of the type and grade of risk of 931 chemical substances, taking as a reference the systems internationally recognized of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and of  the Hazardous Material Identification System (HMIS)."



access can be iffy



claims to have 1.75 million MSDS to search

Australian MSDS from ProSciTech


ProSciTech deals mostly in biological stains and reagents, so that's what you'll primarily find here -- it's said that "Oz" MSDS have info in a different sequence [they are clear and logical]. Whatever, -- Chemfinder.com has sent me here a few times and it's been worth the trip!

Australian MSDS  from MSDS.com.au


  "Oz" MSDS have a different sequence than the U.S. variety [the Oz MSDS are clear and logical]. This site claims to have the largest number of Australian MSDS available [whatever happened to the au.gov/worksafe site, anyway?] They're all in PDF format, so you need Adobe Acrobat Reader [what, you still don't have the free download?] 

Australian Occupational Health & Safety Databases


Practical Guidance Material Database 1987-1995


I've been trying unsuccessfully to find the successor site to the "Worksafe" MSDS list -- maybe there is no such site now. Too bad, because I really like those Aussie MSDS. Anyway, this site has some useful stuff.

MSDS Dictionary from the University of Montana


defines acronyms and terms commonly used on MSDS

New Jersey Right to Know Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets


info on several hundred chemicals available for download in an Adobe PDF format. file size for each  is ~ 38 KB.

Pesticides:  EPA Rainbow Report



NFPA Chemical Hazard Labels from Michigan State University Office of Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Safety


   Health Flammability Reactivity & Special Notice  ratings for several hundred chemicals as well as an explanation of their meanings.

ImageWave® Corp
EHS Enterprise® Software Solutions


provides leading EHS and MSDS software solutions including advanced MSDS Software, MSDS Management, Environmental Reporting, MSDS Authoring Software, Chemical Inventory Tracking, MSDS Databases, Container Labeling, Online MSDS Hosting Services, and more.



you can sign up for a trial, but this is a subscription service




"MSDSpro is the company that has created the recognized industry standard in MSDS software, services and measurable results for streamlined MSDS management. ... Try MSDSpro free for 60 days and experience the standard for yourself."

I haven't tried it yet, so I can't say anything definite about their products, but the concept and especially the associated service listed right below sure sound convenient.

MSDS Provider 

sponsored by: MSDSPro™, Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, ChemAdvisor®, Inc., and Occupational Health and Safety magazine


"...a website dedicated to providing free access to MSDSs direct from the manufacturer. These MSDSs can be downloaded directly into MSDSpro Classic, PlusWeb, or Enterprise. Once downloaded, MSDSpro will automatically update the MSDSs for you when the manufacturer makes any changes. This service is FREE, there is no fee or subscription needed."

So what's the catch? The MSDSpro programs you need to make this work as described aren't  free. How well does it all work? I really don't know. But you can get a free 60-day tryout from MSDSpro -- see the entry right above. And you can still use their manufacturer index to link to the manufacturer's MSDS site and search it yourself -- and believe me, their manufacturer list is a lot bigger than my puny "Suppliers" page!

MSDS Solutions


Upon completion of their free registration offer, you can access more than 1 Million MSDS published by 15,000 manufacturers; open, view and print MSDS, and store up to 50 of them free in a "specific library" of MSDS. They offer a substantial range of MSDS management services and products for sale.

Reactive Chemical Worksheet 


downloadable chemical reactivity worksheet that allows you to virtually mix chemicals and see what happens.

 Bretherick's Reactive Chemical Hazards Database provided by ChemWeb.com


searching is free, you pay to display results. ChemWeb also has numerous other  online databases. See my "Miscellaneous" page.

ATSDR  Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry


has searchable databases and much more



The ToxFAQ list has valuable toxicity information on scores of chemicals in a non-MSDS format

National Toxicology Program


deviating once again from strict alphabeticity to bring you the best!


Poison Info Center at UC San Diego



Guide to Poisonous Plants by A.P. Knight at Colorado State U College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences


botanical and toxicological information in a searchable, beautifully illustrated field-handbook format

Poisonous Plants Home Page at Cornell University


searchable database and links to other poisonous plant sites

Chemical Weapons


some historical background and other useful information 

Chemical and Biological Weapons: CNN In-Depth Special


some basic information on a number of biological and chemical agents of concern and the countries deploying them.

Chemical and Biological Weapons Resource Page at the Monterey Institute for International Studies


lots of links and info on CBW here 

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