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(and Canada, UK, whatever ......)

Gifted high school teachers like Audrey Sanderson, David Dice, Gray Rushin, Jim Askew, Lee Marek, Mark Rosen,  Patrick Gormley, Paul Groves, Steve Marsden, and Bob Jacobs, to name but a few,  have put together sites that are quite useful at the college level, too! Also included are other sites of interest at this level. This page dedicated to the late Roy C. Uber, my chemistry teacher at Cleveland Heights High School.

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Chicago Public Schools structured curriculum for high school chemistry

the URL for direct access is so long that it won't fit on one line here even in tiny type, so access as shown below using the links [shown below] on their left navigation bar

http://intranet.cps.k12.il.us/Lessons/  >>structured curriculum >>science >>chemistry

what will you find? A complete set of daily lesson plans, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format,  for teaching HS chemistry. I sure wish I had had access to something like this during my one [first] year of teaching high school chemistry. Thanks to Donald J. Wink of the University of Illinois at Chicago for the tip to this site.

FOSS Full Option Science System  site at Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley

for elementary schools:   http://www.lhs.berkeley.edu/FOSS/

for middle schools:  http://www.lhs.berkeley.edu/FOSS/FOSSMiddleSchool.html

an inquiry-based science program

Adrian Dingle's Chemistry Pages at The Westminster Schools, Atlanta, GA


with lots of stuff for AP chemstry

allatoms.com -- a Chemistry site by W. Gray Rushin at Cary Academy, NC       


Relocated, updated, and revamped since I originally wrote "Very nice site, but some links are defunct."  <some still are, but what the heck, so are some of mine!>   I especially enjoyed "The Great Sodium Disaster of 1998"  and "Thermite Reaction 2001" in the "Adventures of an Alchemist" section.

Chemathon at U Md   


duh!  I've repaired the faulty link I had here.

National Chemistry Week by ACS


coming up soon! October 19-25, 2003

High School Chemistry Competitive Exams at University of Waterloo, Ontario, CA


Test yourself with the "Chem 13 News Exam" and the "Avogadro Exam"

David Dice's Web Site at Carlton Comprehensive HS,
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan


      it keeps getting better and better! David also is a CHEMED-L contributor.

Doug De La Matter's web site at Madawaska Valley D.H.S., Barry's Bay, ON


formerly at   http://www.mv.igs.net/~dougdela

Doug teaches chemistry and physics and is often heard from at CHEMED-L

Chemmybear.com by Paul Groves at South Pasadena HS


or    http://www.spusd.k12.ca.us/chemmybear/index.html

 Demos, links, and more.

Chemistry Resources by Audrey Sanderson, Township HS District 214, Arlington Heights, IL


a very nice set of links

Chemistry Resources by Mark Rosen at Philadelphia Central HS


another well-organized set of links, with a study skills section

Chemistry Teacher Support Group at CSU Northridge


lots of goodies, lots of links to groups across the nation

Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic
by "Doc" Brown, Whitby, UK


tons of great stuff here, organized for the UK equivalents of
US grades 6-8, 8-10, 11-12

Environmental Chemistry by Cliff Halverson at Los Banos HS, CA


lots of useful links

Everyday Chemistry by John Laliberte at Amity Regional HS, CT


Still in its infancy, this site shows promise. 

John Hnatow's homepage at Emmaus HS, PA


still another useful site with links

John Mackin's Chemistry Site at Kirkwood HS, MO


Contains impressive curriculum construction referenced to Missouri guidelines and more.

Lee Marek's Home Page at Naperville North HS, IL


     another really together  site with great info on DEMOS!  

Patti Mason's "When All Else Fails Science Prevails" Home Page at Delphi HS, IN


Patti is another frequent and valued contributor to the CHEMED-L listserv

RVGS Chemistry by Gwen Sibert
at the Roanoke Valley Governor's School, Roanoke, VA


another truly excellent site with much that will be useful to other teachers

Steve Marsden's chemistry resources 


formerly at  http://www.hwscience.com/smarsden/

very useful and informative; suitable for undergrads as well as high school students. Chemed-L folks will recognize Steve as a frequent and valued contributor.

MERLOT homepage Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching

http://taste.merlot.org/  the "tasting room"

http://www.merlot.org/Home.po   the home page

http://chemistry.merlot.org/Home.po   the chemistry section

BrowseArtifacts.po-catcode=97&browsecat=1 cool chem stuff

A free and open resource for faculty and students in higher education, MERLOT is the product of a consortium of (mostly) public institutions of higher education [including CCC's and CSU] with divisions devoted to biology, business, chemistry, engineering, health science, history, information technology, mathematics, music, physics, psychology, and teacher education.

High School Organic Chemistry "Linear Text" by Charles A. Kingsbury at University of Nebraska -- Lincoln


under development as you read this! To quote from a letter Charles sent to CHEMED-L: 

This is supposed to be a "linear" text, which texts have dropped off the face of the earth in recent years -- minimum distraction from the theme. No pictures, sidebars, "color", or unnecessary add-ons to fragment the student's attention pattern. ... a main problem is: "Do you write for "correctness" or do you write for "understandability." I tried for the latter.

-- and suceeded! -- and despite its lack of "color," it's very colorful indeed!

The Photosynthesis Projects at Boulder HS, Boulder, CO


five impressive student-generated web presentations

WWW-based Graduate Postcertification Teacher Training in Chemistry by David W. Brooks at University of Nebraska -- Lincoln


Even college teachers will find a lot to learn and use here!  Courses in: Nuclear Chemistry, Water and Solutions, Carbon Chemistry and Polymers, Matter and Energy, Electrons and Periodicity, Molecular Biology, Biomolecules, Energy and Metabolism, Instrumentation, Acids and Bases, Chemical Equilibrium, and Gases and the Atmosphere.

Science Help Online Chemistry by Gregory L. Curran at Fordham Prep HS, Bronx, NY


progressing nicely while still undergoing a major review, this well-organized site has lots of useful sections - lessons with links, worksheets, practice quizzes, crossword puzzles and more

Science Teachers' Resource Site by Patrick Gormley at Lapeer East HS, Lapeer, MI 


Has sections in Biology, Chem and AP Chem, Life Science, and Physics. Patrick is also a frequent Chemed-L contributor

SEED    Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development


SEED Teacher's Notes  



Trading Post Home

The ChemEd Trading Post at ECS


formerly at  http://ecs.2y.net/tp/

designed for high school students and their teachers, there is a wealth of practical information on teaching techniques, test construction, experiments, and more -- the great bulk of it contributed by other teachers.  And it has [mostly] light-colored text on a dark [black] background -- although the particular of shade of blue used for hyperlinked titles is far too dark for easy reading.

The Chem Retort by John Eix at ECS

http://eix.dyndns.org/tp/  >> Chem Links >> Chem Retort

"a place where High School Chemistry teachers and students can find resources to help them teach and study Chemistry. At present all resources are free."

John is the owner/principal of ECS, an educational consulting firm specializing in desktop publishing for conferences and designing online learning activities. Here there are online practice exams and high school chemistry stuff.

Microworlds: Materials Science for Grades 9-12 at Lawrence Berkeley Lab


focusing on the "Advanced Light Source"

Chemistry Page at Anoka-Ramsey Community College, MN 


the "Ideas for Inquiry" section for which I originally included this site doesn't seem to be there any more. Oh, well...

Science Olympiad HQ


or    http://www.geocities.com/soincus/index.htm

a regional and national competitive tournament

The Chem Team at Diamond Bar HS, Walnut Valley, CA


study resources for HS and AP chemistry


Institute for Chemical Education at U Wisconsin


J. Chem. Ed.

J Chem Ed online


The Internet Science Room
The Internet Science Room by Jim Askew at Howe HS, Howe, OK
formerly at Frontier HS, Red Rock, OK


Pages for physical science, biology, and zoology as well as chemistry.
For chemistry, there's a really impressive and well-organized course with demo information, PowerPoint presentations, lab templates, and a really nice lab safety orientation.
Jim Askew, Facilitator, has done a really fantastic job with this!

Living By Chemistry from Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley


"Living By Chemistry (LBC) is an innovative high school chemistry curriculum project designed by chemists and chemistry educators at the University of California, Berkeley. LBC takes a distinctive approach to teaching chemistry, one that is student centered and teacher facilitated. LBC is a program of the Lawrence Hall of Science, the public science education center at the University of California, Berkeley. This project is supported by the National Science Foundation."

South Jersey Science Teachers' Association


links for chemistry, physics, biology, and geology

The Teacher Laptop Foundation


"The Foundation's goal is to make it possible for every K-12 teacher in America to receive a state-of-the-art laptop computer with dial-up Internet service for home at no charge."

The Sudbury Valley School

The Sudbury Valley School, Framingham, MA  -- access to the Project Gutenberg Etext of A History of Science by Henry Smith Williams


"Sudbury Valley School is a place where people decide for themselves how to spend their days."  In other words, they are dedicated to free and open inquiry and self-directed learning. I didn't see "Summerhill" mentioned as I cruised through this site, but that's certainly one impression that came to mind. They appear to have substantial online resources available.

Welcome to Chemistry by Mrs. J. Flint Baumwirt at Granada Hills HS


verry interesting!

wilton1.gif (5038 bytes)

Wilton High School Chemistry by Bob Jacobs at Wilton HS, CT


Last on the list for now, but definitely not least -- you have to see it to believe it. Dozens of original tutorials, a section on pedagogy/philosophy, and hundreds of links to other sites -- a true tour de force

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