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About_Chemistry (ChemMiningCo)

ACS ChemCenter Educational Resources


Bettyann Howson's Links at The ChemEd Trading Post   >> Chem Links >> Bettyann Howson's Links

A well-organized bare-bones-format list of around 600 sites... I strongly suspect that a certain cherry-picking, gold-mining pirate will be returning here!

  Chemdex - the directory of chemistry on the internet

Chemdex at University of  Sheffield      

> 5800 Links !!!!  Have you noticed how many truly marvelous web sites the Brits have?  This is one of the best of the best!  by CambridgeSoft

the best first stop for quick info on compounds; 

BUT BEWARE downloading the ChemDraw™ 3D viewer plugin -- if you use MDL CHIME™, this plugin will trash the appearance of any Chime structures you want to view using Netscape™ [but not MS IE], and uninstalling it is a major pain in the butt.  CS claims that "this is a browser issue, not a plugin issue."   Well, duh!  (OK,  I've since been told it's a MIME thing; whichever plugin was loaded most recently apparently gets -- or takes -- priority when conflicts occur.) 

ChemInfo Chemical Information Sources from Indiana University
aka SIRCh Selected Internet Resources for Chemistry

an alphabetically-listed "controlled-vocabulary" index with tons of good links


Chemistry LINKS from University of Liverpool 

>6000 Links!!!  Another great one from the UK !! This is the Chemistry section of the WWW Virtual Library.

Chemistry Collections from CalTech

links!!!  after seeing this thorough presentation, I wonder why I bothered with mine! Too late to back away now....

The Chemistry Hypermedia Project at U Vermont

links, especially for analytical and physical chemistry


Chemistry Teaching Resources by Knut Irgum and Svante Åberg at Umeå University

well-organized and quite extensive

Chemistry 2000 by J M Goodman, Cambridge University

lists "2000 of the best sites" [not including mine, but that's OK]
and has an index of chemists


very useful for searches -- connects to several search engines


ChemWeb:  "The World Wide Club for the Chemical Community"

Membership is FREE. Sign up and gain access to a host of useful resources, including free journal tryouts, databases, and subdiscipline "Forums" as well as a weekly e-mail digest of chemical news from The Alchemist. Definitely worth joining!


Chemie.De Information Service 

formerly Homepage for Chemists by Stefan Knecht

>1200 links; news, jobs, conferences, search engine, and more.


Chemistry Links by the Hamilton Section of the Chemical Institute of Canada

analytical, chem ed, inorganic. organic, and physical are the branches that are listed on this page -- but select one of them and the page you go to will have a navigation bar with 28 subdisciplines to choose from, agricultural chem to thermochem! Links to conferences, journals, societies, resources,.....

The Chemistry on Web WebRing

links to a number of chemistry sites; also searchable

Competia Express links to chemistry sites

CSU Bio Web maintained at CSU Stanislaus

lots of links organized by subdiscipline

Digital Library Project at UNC Wilmington

small but will definitely develop

Environmental, Science, and Textile Web Links by Henry Boyter Jr. at the Institute of Textile Technology

a heavy-duty compendium

Google search engine

consensus seems to be building that this is the premiere general search engine for science-related material. It's incredibly fast, scores more hits than most others, and is easy to use.

Information Resources at Indiana University

a well-designed site with search capability

Information Retrieval in Chemistry by the Institute of Physical Chemistry, NCSR "Demokritos"   Athens, Greece

Organized into 57 chemistry subdisciplines and a dozen more chemistry-related fields. The old miner will be coming back!

    La Chimie et les Techniques.... .......(en Francais)

je ne parle pas de francais, mais cette place c'est magnifique!

Links for Chem Educators from 3D Biochem, Inc.

a service of 3D Biochem, Inc., makers of molecular models

MadSci Network

archives & search engine

MERLOT homepage Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching  the "tasting room"   the home page   the chemistry section

BrowseArtifacts.po-catcode=97&browsecat=1 cool chem stuff

A free and open resource for faculty and students in higher education, MERLOT is the product of a consortium of (mostly) public institutions of higher education [including CCC's and CSU] with divisions devoted to biology, business, chemistry, engineering, health science, history, information technology, mathematics, music, physics, psychology, and teacher education.

Oingo Multimedia Chemistry Education -- now called Applied Semantics

boing-o!  I got some useful links from them -- looks better on second visit. 


Orbital Chemistry Links    R.I.P.

Haw! Fooled myself!  It's NOT about orbitals per se -- let me quote them:   

"Orbital Chemistry Links is a Web directory targeted at chemists and people with similar interests. Since this web directory is very young and not very big yet, all user input is highly appreciated." 

in other words, they're the competition!!! I listed them, think they'll list me? Probably not, because the site no longer seems to be in operation!

Chemistry Links from Rhodes College, Memphis, TN

lots of well-organized links with some annotation

The Virtual Chemistry Center by Jim Martindale

The Virtual Chemistry Center © by Jim Martindale

A handsome, classy look and tons of well-organized infolinks

wilton1.gif (5038 bytes)

Wilton High School Chemistry by Bob Jacobs at Wilton HS, CT

 You have to see it to believe it. Dozens of original tutorials, a section on pedagogy/philosophy, and hundreds of links to other sites -- a true tour de force

WWW Virtual Library  <of virtually everything!>

home page  

chemistry main page 

physics main page

biosciences main page

microscopy main page

there's a VERY good chance you'll find what you're looking for here!

Wooster College Chem Links

a nice set of links organized by subject

WWW Chemistry at UCLA

LINKS!!!!!  Unfortunately, it's been quite a while since the last update, and I've been told that the proportion of nonfunctional links is even higher than mine!

WWW  Chemistry Sites at  Academic  Institutions from UCLA

y'all keep in touch now, hear?

Yahoo! Science:  Chemistry


Yarchive Chemistry

although apparently no longer an active effort, past info is still accessible

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