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        This resource list began when I wanted to get quick access to specific sites to use in class while teaching a course, and couldn't quickly locate them in my "favorites" folder, because in my haste I had simply added sites without identifying them in a useful way. Since then the project has taken on a life of its own, but its raison d'etre has not changed significantly. I've set it up primarily for my own convenience and that of my students, but if you are a teacher or student or practitioner of chemistry, you may find it useful as well. 

It's now also available in a no-frills "black and white" format<You'd think it would be a piece of cake to just transform all this stuff to B/W, but NO, BillyBob Gates isn't going to make it that easy.>

        There are hordes of chemistry resource lists out there, many of them far more extensive than this one, but few with its Ronsonian panache.  Some of them are included.  This site works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x, but if you are interested in accessing sites using the MDL Chime plugin, it is probably better to reopen this site in Netscape Communicator 4.7x, since this is what you will need  for most of those sites.

        I've never met most of the folks who appear on this list (those I have met include  Mark Bishop, my colleague at MPC, and Nick Turro, who was one of my professors during my very short career as a grad student at Columbia eons ago, and Jack Simons, a classmate at Case Institute of Technology back in the '60's), but you may have noticed that often I have individuals alphabetized by first name rather than surname.  That's because thanks to their own marvelous self-presentations,  and often, their contributions to one or more listserv discussion groups and resultant email correspondence, I feel like I'm on a first-name basis  with them!  

        Please let it be clearly understood that all opinions expressed herein are my own and do not represent those of my employer or the site operator.  Any product or site "endorsements" are also solely my own -- no considerations, financial or otherwise, have been solicited by me or received by me (with the obvious exception of shareware available to all or examination copies of textbooks -- and an occasional request to someone to list this site on theirs) . If for any reason any person, corporation, or institution whose icon, logo, crest, seal, picture, image, etc. appears here objects to the present use, just let me know and I will correct it forthwith. I believe I have made "fair use" of the images reproduced here and have indeed requested permission where I have been in doubt, or where someone has made an explicit policy statement regarding these issues. 

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