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Organic Chem Rules!

see also Spectral City and Molecular Heaven

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ACDLabs   Advanced Chemistry Development               

Makers of really useful software -- some of it available free! ACD ChemSketch, HNMR, CNMR, .... some of it is compatible with CS ChemOffice as well.

Colby College Organic Home

This site is really together -- check out the "hybrid orbital tutorial" under my "Orbitals" category for a specific example of what awaits you ... and there's so much more!

Colby College Organic Visual Aids: The Virtual Organic Tutor

You need to use Netscape 4.7x with Shockwave 5 plugin to view their extensive selection of excellent tutorials.


CFCC Organic Chemistry by Richard Pendarvis at Central Florida Community College, Ocala

Wow! Richard has assembled a really impressive set of links organized by functional groups followed by a long list of other organic links.

Chemistry Conceptual Database Tutor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Cubane by Oxford University

an interesting site-as-monograph

Cybermodels by M. A. Schwartz at Florida State U

Chime tutorials on conformational analysis




Didactics of Chemistry by Peter Keusch at Universität Regensburg Institute for Organic Chemistry 

Peter's own excellent videos [and accompanying procedures and discussions]
of organic experimental demonstrations: 

now better than ever!

 Main site with links to tons of demos from all over the world: 

Gott im Himmel !!! Solch ein ausgezeichneter Platz für die Chemie auf Englisch oder Deutsch zu lernen. I notice that the language of my own ancestors, famous for creating tremendously long new words by stringing old ones together, also seems to favor some long URL's too!  But there's a wealth of information on organic experiments and lecture demos here, done up with admirable Teutonic thoroughness and attention to detail. And thanks to Peter for helping me correct the faulty [due to my own traitorous lack of attention to detail] links I had up here previously.

you can also get there by going to  >> Akad. Dir. P. Keusch, Fachdidaktik Chemie [which takes you to the German version] >> English version >> Links  

Doc Hardinger's Organic homepage at UCLA

A University Distinguished Lecturer in organic chemistry at UCLA, Steve has produced and compiled a fabulous site, which is a major reference for my own organic course


GLACTONE ® at Georgia State University 

formerly at

formerly at

organic modeling exercises [for which you need PCMODEL software from SerenaSoft ], PDB structures, tutorials ..... it's a winner!

eclipses the competition -- has them staggered and feeling the strain!  Conforms to the highest standards, energizes you to an excited state, ...

Organic Nomenclature by Dave Woodcock at Okanagan University College

a really excellent introduction

IUPAC Nomenclature from ACD Labs


IUPAC Nomenclature Home Page by G.P. Moss at Queen Mary University of London

straight from the source!



Web tutorials in Organic Chemistry
  Molecules in Four Dimensions by CMBI Center for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics at U Nijmegen, het Nederlands

lots of good stuff here -- really good animated tutorials and more 
use Netscape for the Chime-based tutorials
-- the IE version doesn't work with the Javascripts

Molecular Modeling for Organic Chemistry by Henry Rzepa at Imperial College, London

looks promising

Introduction to Organic Molecular Modeling at Georgia Southern University

Chime-based tutorials on functional group identification

Organic Reaction Summaries by M. A. Schwartz at Florida State U

could be useful for that next test, kids!

Organic Reaction Flash Cards  
by Todd LowaryChristopher M. Hadad, Steve Parker,
Patrick McCarren, J. Alex Feng, Leah D'Aurora, & Mike Geise

at Ohio State University

hey, kids -- you can test yourself here!

Name Reaction List by Marcus Brackeen at MonomerChem Inc

Neat site with a neat look!

ChemPen Classic Named Organic Reactions

from Acetoacetic Ester Condensation to Zinke-Suhl reaction

Named Reactions in Organic Chemistry by Michael Smith at the University of Connecticut

95 reactions illustrated, with references. Also useful links to other organic goodies

Reaction Index: Name Reactions in Organic Chemistry
by Bogdan Bogdanov , Zoran Zdravkovski and Kiril Hristovski
at the Institute of Chemistry, Skopje, Macedonia

several hundred reactions are shown, with references for each

How to Tackle Organic Syntheses by Otto Meth-Cohn at University of Sunderland


Organic Reaction Mechanisms by Jim Clark, Cornwall UK

Really nice discussions of the mechanisms for: free-radical substitutions and polymerizations, electrophilic addition, electrophilic substitution, nucleophilic substitution, elimination, nucleophilic addition and nucleophilic addition/elimination reactions.

Organic Chemistry OnLine  by  Paul R. Young
at the
University of Illinois at Chicago

a must stop! modules in structure and bonding, spectroscopy, stereochemistry, and functional group reactions. The index has ~200 subject entries

OCOL Organic Chemistry Online  by  Paul R. Young
at the
University of Illinois at Chicago

developed to supplement Organic Chemistry by John E. McMurry (Brooks/Cole)

Organic Chemistry Help by Arthur Winter at Frostburg State U, MD

once again, Frostburg comes through!

Organic Chemistry at Centre College by Jennifer Muzyka

has useful links; ambitious animated mechanisms, but site had problems when I visited it

Organic Lab Pages by Patty Feist at the University of Colorado, Boulder

absolutely fabulous illustrated presentations on organic lab techniques and spectroscopy -- another real tour de force -- I wish I had done something nearly as good.

and the Organic Chem Course Page


St. Olaf College Organic Chemistry Toolkit

lots of useful links and goodies

ESSP 311/311L

Organic Chemistry I by Ron Rinehart at California State University Monterey Bay

Takes you to the master organizer page for my course.
I'm using Organic Chemistry, 4/e by Francis A. Carey [McGraw-Hill] as the text.
For each chapter, there's an illustrated outline
[outline courtesy my MPC colleague Rod Oka]
and loads of pertinent links to other sites that have "done it better."
There are also lab-related links as well.

Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry by William Reusch at Michigan State University

oh, yes -- it's REALLY good !!!!

Exploring Organic Chemistry: An Electronic Textbook 
by Gary Trammell and Srinivas Vuppuluri at the University of Illinois at Springfield

has lots of good stuff; text, diagrams, Chime structures, animations... a winner!

The Visual Organic Chemistry Laboratory by Daniel A. Strauss at San Jose State University

really nice illustrated presentations of common organic lab techniques and experiments along with excellent QuickTime™ videos on these techniques.
A definite winner!

High School Organic Chemistry "Linear Text" by Charles A. Kingsbury at University of Nebraska -- Lincoln

under development as you read this! To quote from a letter Charles sent to CHEMED-L: 

This is supposed to be a "linear" text, which texts have dropped off the face of the earth in recent years -- minimum distraction from the theme. No pictures, sidebars, "color", or unnecessary add-ons to fragment the student's attention pattern. ... a main problem is: "Do you write for "correctness" or do you write for "understandability." I tried for the latter.

and succeeded!  and despite its lack of "color," it's very colorful indeed!

Organometallic HyperTextBook by Rob Toreki


Portal to Organic Chemistry Destinations on the World Wide Web by Rainer Glaser at U Missouri

An extensive [prints out to 34 pages with links] list of organic links, with organization tied to chapters in Wade Organic Chemistry, 4/e (Prentice Hall, 1998)

also see  for Chime visualizations tied to the text and other resources.

WEB-ster's Organic Chemistry by Nick Turro and Ron Rusay

a wonderful, well-organized site with lots of links to very useful stuff. Unfortunately, it may not have been updated for quite a while, since many links are no longer active.

WinTorg simulated qualitative organic analysis program by Adrian Blackman at University of Tasmania

Free demo version with 3 unknowns; full version with 100 unknowns costs $200 for institutional users and $20 for individual student. Assigns unknowns for which physical [mp, bp, solubility], spectral [13C and 1H NMR, IR, MS], and chemical data are available; one can then submit the tentative identification either by typing name or selecting from several structures presented.

Organic Forum / Chemweb Member home

you need to be a ChemWeb member [it's free]

Sizzling Organic Chemistry Dramas

when you need a little break from the serious stuff...

Organic Chemistry Movies and other goodies by Brent Iverson at U Texas, Austin

visit this site -- you won't regret it!

University of Texas at Austin Chemistry Course Webpages

LOTS of courses with webpage info -- I've barely begun to explore this site, but the small sample I saw looked very promising!

Organic Chem site at Bucknell University

has "Chem Goodies" and a lot more

sm_logo.gif (1738 bytes)

Isomer and Stereochemistry tutorial by Frank Gorga at Bridgewater State College

nice, succinct Chime-based introduction to structural and stereo isomers

WWW Project for Chemistry by George Wiger at California State University at Dominguez Hills

online tutorials in general and organic chemistry; lots of useful links. George was one of the organizers for the April 2001 CONFCHEM and is heard from frequently on the Chemed-L list.

Chemistry Courses at North Carolina State University

Links to the homepages of 18 chem courses and their faculty; many of these courses utilize WebCT and WebAssign; actual stuff available to outsiders varies widely, but it's worth checking out.

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