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of a non-governmental nature -- see my "Government" page for federal and state agencies and my "Physics" page for groups specific to that field. 

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AAAS  American Association for the Advancement of Science


American Ceramic Society



ACS American Chemical Society ChemCenter

But then again, you're a probably member too -- right?  This is my 31st year, with 5 more as a student affiliate. The Society forbids use of its official logo for non-official matters, so I made the substitute shown at left


ACS, Santa Clara Section

American Chemistry Council, Inc.

Formerly the Chemical Manufacturers Association; the promoters of Responsible Care®

AIChE   American Institute of Chemical Engineers

the premier organization for chemical engineers

ANSI  American National Standards Institute

most of the info you probably want is for purchase 

American Society of Safety Engineers

San Francisco Chapter

"Founded in 1911, ASSE is the oldest and largest professional safety organization. Its more than 30,000 members manage, supervise and consult on safety, health, and environmental issues in industry, insurance, government and education. ASSE has 13 practice specialties, 149 chapters, 56 sections and 64 student sections."  

lots of useful stuff at the San Francisco chapter site

AWIS  Association for Women in Science

now celebrating its 30th year. membership is open to ALL who support women in science!


an online mentoring program that pairs community college, undergraduate, and graduate women in engineering, science, technology, and mathematics with engineers and scientists working in industry and academics.


Chem Abstracts Service home     

click the chemsoc logo for help with how to use the site

The Chemistry Societies Network

The UK's premier chemistry organization

CCEHSA   California Campus Environmental Health & Safety Association

formerly at:

a small but growing and very worthwhile organization. I attended their annual conference [Aug. '01 -- conveniently, for me, in Monterey, CA -- next year in San Diego] and learned lots of useful things. We need more members!


Chemed-L listserv discussion list  

administered by Bill Halpern at University of West Florida          

a very useful resource for chemistry educators at all levels. You will receive between 5 and 20+ e-mails per day unless you select a digest option.   

CHEMED-L has now become web-based. In order to access all functions available, go to the following URL:

You can still use the commands previously learned to search the archives, post to the list, join/leave the list, change settings, ... 

Formerly, to subscribe to CHEMED-L you  sent a message from your regular e-mail address to     LISTSERV@MAILER.UWF.EDU  in which  the first line of the message should read:   SUBSCRIBE CHEMED-L <your name>  Following <YOUR NAME>, you may specify individual subscription options (DIGEST, MIME, etc) by stating: <WITH opt1 opt2...>    You  received a reply by e-mail with more instructions on posting to the list, unsubscribing, etc.



Chemed-L web archive

formerly Chemed-L archive thread search

xxx CHMINF-L: Chemical Information Sources Discussion List Archives at University of Indiana



CONFCHEM  Home Page     online chemistry education conference  

To subscribe to CONFCHEM send an e-mail message from your e-mail address   to: .   In the body of the message state:  SUBSCRIBE CONFCHEM your-name <your e-mail address> ; You will receive a reply with details of listserv posting.

CUR The Council on Undergraduate Research

"The mission of the Council on Undergraduate Research is to support and promote high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship.The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) and its affiliated colleges, universities, and individuals share a focus on providing undergraduate research opportunities for faculty and students at predominantly undergraduate institutions." 

CSEA California School Employees Association

This is my union and I'm proud to be a member and a chapter officer!


ICE  Institute for Chemical Education at U Wisconsin

"... has books, kits, and tools to help you communicate the relevance, excitement, and fun of chemistry." In addition to teaching materials, ICE also has outreach activities, teacher workshops, and is developing a list of links.

IFT  Institute of Food Technologists

feast on this one!

IUPAC   International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

where would we be without them?

IUPAC goldbook



LSI  The Lab Safety Institute

Founded by Jim Kaufman, this organization is dedicated to the purpose implicit in its name.


LABSAFETY-L listserv discussion list  maintained at Southern Illinois University in conjunction with the Lab Safety Institute

Send a message to LISTSERV@SIU.EDU .

  In the body of the message say... SUB LABSAFETY-L Your Name.   

 additional details available at 

archives available at


NACHO   National Association of Chemical Hygiene Officers -- a free service of the Lab Safety Institute

Send a message to LISTSERV@SIU.EDU. In the body of the message say... SUB LABSAFETY-L Your Name

additional details available at

MERLOT homepage Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching  the "tasting room"   the home page   the chemistry section

BrowseArtifacts.po-catcode=97&browsecat=1 cool chem stuff

A free and open resource for faculty and students in higher education, MERLOT is the product of a consortium of (mostly) public institutions of higher education [including CCC's and CSU] with divisions devoted to biology, business, chemistry, engineering, health science, history, information technology, mathematics, music, physics, psychology, and teacher education.


National Association of Scientific Materials Managers


  NFPA     National Fire Protection Association

the name says it all!  members get a 10% discount on publications and other merchandise, much of which you are VERY likely to want and/or need!


NRCC    National Registry of Certified Chemists

apparently started originally for clinical chemists, they now have programs for registering chemical hygiene officers and other areas. It's not just another place you join by sending a check -- there's a rigorous protocol that includes exams and papers!!!

National Science Teachers Association

lots of good stuff here for teachers at all levels, but much is accessible only to members

National Whistleblower Center

"...a nonprofit educational advocacy organization that works for the enforcement of environmental laws, nuclear safety, civil rights and government and industry accountability through the support and representation of employee whistleblowers. The primary goal of the Center is to ensure that whistleblower disclosures about improper government and industry actions that are harmful to the environment and the public health are defended and heard. To accomplish this goal, the Center works with whistleblowers to expose wrongdoing by government and industry officials, advocate specific corrective actions, and hold officials accountable. In pursuing this goal the Center serves the function of check and balance on regulatory agencies in order to assist in the protection of the public health and safety."

Project Gutenberg logo

Project Gutenberg Official Home Page


Society for A Return to Academic Standards

"Objective:  Provide information and support for a return to academic standards in higher education. The widespread use of the student evaluation of teaching (SET) data as a control device has caused grade inflation and course work devaluation. SFRTAS encourages research on faculty pander pollution, dysfunctional aspects of SETs, misuse of SET data by administrators, dishonesty of students on SETs, invalidity of SET information, denial of due process from use of SET, defamation, impression management, post-tenure reviews, disappearing tenure, and reasons for grade inflation."

If, like me and a zillion other teachers, you have experienced a progressive "dumbing down" in your student population over the years, you might be interested in this site. Especially recommended: the article "The New Generations: Students Who Don't Study" by Henry H. Bauer.

Society of Forensic Toxicologists, Inc.

lots of interesting links worth exploring


Woodrow Wilson Leadership Program in Chemistry

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