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  WebElements™   Periodic Table by  Mark Winter  at  U  Sheffield 

     http://www.shef.ac.uk/chemistry/web-elements   or   http://www.webelements.com/

or   http://www.shef.ac.uk/~chem/web-elements/   version 2.0

the original web periodic table and still one of the best!

Element Emission/Absorption Spectra  by Dave Caley at U Oregon 


formerly at


Pick spectrum type desired, click on an element and its spectrum instantly appears above the table! And isn't that table colorful!

 Visual Elements Periodic Tables from The Chemistry Society

http://www.chemsoc.org/viselements/pages/pertable_j.htm    HTML version

http://www.chemsoc.org/viselements/pages/pertable_fla.htm     Flash version

Available in Shockwave and HTML versions. Lots of goodies here -- enough to keep you coming back again and again [as I've observed elsewhere, the Brits really know how to put together some great sites]. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader for the numerous associated .pdf files. See my "Downloads" page to get Macromedia's Shockwave and Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

Periodic Table & Misc figures by Frank Lanzafame at Monroe CC, NY  


graphic displays of physical properties -- like mp, atomic & ionic radii, etc. The one shown at left is by date of discovery. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these puppies.

Elementistory by Stuart John Fairall at De Montfort University, UK


a bare-bones layout; click on an element [only those in blue] and get a very brief summary of its discovery

Elementymology by Peter van der Krogt at Delft


Names and name origins of the elements in 49 languages

Periodic Table  by Los Alamos National Lab


somewhat less sophisticated than some of the others listed here, but should be quite useful for the younger set.

The Periodic Spiral Periodic Table


I really like this one! requires Macromedia Shockwave

  Chemicool  Periodic Table by  David D. Hsu at MIT  



a winner!!

Periodic Table .com  


a pretty neat site with an ax to grind: the relentless promotion of the Alexander-style display seen at left

Interactive Periodic Table by Ivan Noels


gives electronic configurations as well as the customary info

Pictorial Periodic Tables  by Chris Heilman at Phoenix College, AZ    or


click and get pictures of the elements as well as their properties. many interesting historical and style comparisons on this site and links to scads of other periodic tables. 

Periodic Table by Mark Bishop at Monterey Peninsula College


yet another interactive periodic table

Periodic Table by Steve Marsden at Harvard-Westlake HS, CA


you'll see Steve's excellent sites in various other categories on my list, too

Periodic Table of Comic Books  by Jim Holler's group at U Kentucky  


also at   http://www.uky.edu/~holler/periodic/periodic.html

Holy Hafnium! He's right!!  Elements cross-referenced with their appearances in various comic books. Lots of fun, although some people might think these folks had waayyyy too much free time on their hands!

Isotope table from Lawrence Berkeley Lab


click on an element to get a list of its isotopes and their properties. Also has lots of links

Environmental Periodic Table from EnvironmentalChemistry.com


Has really extensive and eclectic information. One nice feature is that terms used are linked to their definitions.

     Tabla Periodica en español de Carlos Zambrano  


 Contenidos:  Antecendentes Historicos de la Tabla Periodica, Tabla de Valencias, Biografia de Mendeleyev,  Tabla Periodica

Tableau périodique des éléments
Lenntech, Delft, The Netherlands





multilingual, informative, and handy to use


ChemGlobe's Periodic Table by Paul Kremer


includes electronic, thermal, steric, and isotopic data and printable versions in both English and German. 

Periodic table JAVA Applet from Visual Entities


I had some trouble accessing this one, but I've heard that it's quite good

Spectrum Laboratories'  Periodic Table


clicking on an element gets you an extremely detailed "fact sheet" including data from CRC's Handbook of Chemistry and Physics and loads of environmental information. Well done, folks!

Molecule Man's Cyber-rific Periodic Table from the Bayer Corporation


aimed at schoolkids, and very informative. may be just what you need to cure that headache!

Periodic Tables from MIT


the basic pop-up info doesn't seem like much at first, but then you see the links at the bottom of the page for tabular displays [with wonderful color graphics] of atomic: number, radius, volume, weight [their usage, not mine, so don't let the masses weigh in on this one]; b.p.; covalent radius; density at 300K; electrical conductivity; electronegativity; 1st ionization potentialDHfus ; DHvap ; m.p.; specific heat capacity; and thermal conductivity --  wow!

Printable Periodic Tables by Scott Van Bramer at Widener University


unadorned, noninteractive, plain black & white, BUT nonetheless very useful .pdf tables, including the blank box form [which, at one point about 35 years ago, I could have filled in in minutes! No longer, thanks to my extensive personal collection of amyloid plaques]

The "Vocational Exile" Circular Periodic Table by Ed Perley


How can he do it? Well, it only covers elements 1 to 54. But it's worth reading Ed's comments about why he did it this way, and you can track back to his VocEx site, which looks like it will make some interesting spare-time reading.

Periodic Table of Elements in the Ocean from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute


Click on an element to get JavaScript-ed info about its oceanic distribution. The ones in red are their particular research subjects.

Periodic Table of Poetry by Maggie Schold


take time out for a little whimsy

Periodic Table of Science Fiction by Michael Swanwick presented by SCIFI.com


A brief -- and often gruesome and/or bizarre -- short story for each element, being added at the rate of one per week. On 11/15/01, there were stories for 1H through 23V. If you have your sound on, the repetitive Jaws-like / heartbeat-like bass note  accompaniment can get rather annoying.

LUCID Periodic Table by LSU Undergrad Chemistry Information Depot


it's NOT interactive [I've been spoiled by all these others] but it comes with a brief tutorial and a quiz.

Periodic Chart at Chemtutor.com


also noninteractive, but it's got a very extensive tutorial

Periodic Table from ThinkQuest.org


supposedly interactive and searchable, but it wasn't working when I visited

Periodic Table from spectroscopyNOW.com [Wiley]


pretty neat variety of interactive quizzes as well as displays of various physical properties and detection limits by various [spectroscopic] techniques. 

Periodic Table drag-and-drop quiz from British Columbia Institute of Technology

http://nobel.scas.bcit.ca/resource/  >> How well do you know your periodic table?

Elements scattered alphabetically around the periphery -- but the color-coding makes this one so much easier than the one at spectroscopy.NOW!

RasMol's Coloring of the Elements by William McClure at Carnegie Mellon University


at left, the CPK in spacefill version as seen with my IE version of Chime

3D Periodic Table of Atomic and Ionic Radii by Scot Wherland at Washington State University


A really neat Chime-based display of atomic radii and ionic radii for ions with charges from +3 to -2. Also links to other sites.

Mineral Periodic Table from webmineral.com


click on an element and get a page with its properties, followed by a list of minerals containing it in descending order of concentration, with links to their page on each. Neat!

Periodic Table Java Applet from the irYdium Project at Carnegie Mellon University


The basic info it gives about each element is quite limited, but on the right-hand side of the screen the corresponding electron configuration is shown on an Aufbau display.

Periodic Table by Theodore W. Gray


It's an actual table -- made using different woods for the various groups, with storage places for element samples that can be kept safely.

Periodic Table List from thecatalyst.org


What, I didn't give you a big enough selection? OK, wise guy, take a gander here!

Periodic Tables List by Bob Jacobs at Wilton High School, CT


Still haven't had enough? Well, as Bob says, "in case you were thinking that the Internet needed one more"  [periodic table], this well-organized list of several hundred entries will save you from reinventing the wheel.

Tom Lehrer's "The Element Song" with Flash animation by Mike Stanfill


or more directly with a broadband connection at

Thanks to Dan Straus for this tip!

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