SUPPLIERS and Manufacturers

as you can see, I have a lot of work to do here...

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Ace Glass, Inc.

Custom scientific glassware from Vineland, NJ -- the US [world?] capital of scientific glassware. 

Air Products



a division of CN Biosciences, Inc., an affiliate of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt. Register for free, browse the catalogs, get MSDS, etc.

ChemBridge Corporation

established provider of discovery chemical products and services, combinatorial libraries, handcrafted producted collections, and related services.

ChemNet   China Chemical Network

supplier network; has English- and Chinese-language versions;  free searching; apply for membership

Cole-Parmer Instrument Company

Cole-Parmer Technical Library,E,C

A major supplier of technical items. Lots of useful info at the Tech Library. home page

combinatorial chemistry links, suppliers, news, events, jobs, ... sign up and you'll get bombarded with e-mails and calls from eager salesfolk in the areas of interest you selected

Direct Textbook

book price comparison site that allows you to search for the best prices on new and used Chemistry books at online booksellers like Barnes and Noble, Amazon and many more.

Educational Innovations, Inc.

"The master teacher's source for science workshop supplies!"

Fisher Scientific / ACROS Organics

register for free and gain online access to ordering, catalogs [from which you can get MSDS], safety info, and much more.

Flinn Scientific

Often has the best prices; known for their commitment to safety. Has both bulk chemicals and prepackaged experiments.

Indigo Instruments

suppliers of molecular models and an interesting variety of other scientific equipment

the online division of Lab Safety Supply, Janesville, WI. The premier source of laboratory safety equipment -- get their hardcopy catalog!

MSDS Provider 

sponsored by: MSDSPro™, Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, ChemAdvisor®, Inc., and Occupational Health and Safety magazine

"...a website dedicated to providing free access to MSDSs direct from the manufacturer. These MSDSs can be downloaded directly into MSDSpro Classic, PlusWeb, or Enterprise. Once downloaded, MSDSpro will automatically update the MSDSs for you when the manufacturer makes any changes. This service is FREE, there is no fee or subscription needed."

So what's the catch? The MSDSpro programs you need to make this work as described aren't  free. How well does it all work? I really don't know. But you can get a free 60-day tryout from MSDSpro -- see their entry in my MSDS section. And you can still use their manufacturer index to link to the manufacturer's MSDS site and search it yourself -- and believe me, their manufacturer list is a lot bigger than this puny "Suppliers" page!

MSDS Solutions

Upon completion of their free registration offer, you can access more than 1 Million MSDS published by 15,000 manufacturers; open, view and print MSDS, and store up to 50 of them free in a "specific library" of MSDS. They offer a substantial range of MSDS management services and products for sale.

Science Stuff®

a science supply company run by an educator



Sigma-Aldrich Catalog Search

includes access to MSDS, tech info sheets, etc.

Sigma-Aldrich Combichem


Small Parts, Inc.
13980 N.W. 58th Court  P.O. Box 4650   Miami Lakes, FL 33014-0650

utilized by MPC's award-winning MATE undersea robot

Accu*Aire Controls, Inc.   1516 Shiloh Avenue  Bryan, TX 77803

This is Swiki Anderson's  company, specializing in laboratory ventilation and fume hood systems. There is useful technical and regulatory information at this site as well.

Swiki Anderson and Associates  Consulting Engineers

A frequent and intelligent  contributor to the Labsafety-L listserv [albeit with a vested self-interest in the matters under discussion], Swiki is very involved with fume hoods, HVAC, IAQ, etc. Lots of useful info in the Tech Notes section.

Calibre Plastics, Ltd.  Auckland, NZ

Fabricators of fume cupboards ["hoods," to us Yanks], exhaust systems, ductless hoods, and chemical storage cupboards [US "cabinets"]. Calibre's Director, Malcolm Hubbert, is also a frequent Labsafety-L contributor.

Phoenix Controls, Inc., Boston MA

manufacturer/installer of airflow control systems designed for laboratories. Check out their demonstration videos of containment tests and low air flow.

General Analytical Reagent Chemicals Database from Showa Chemical Co., Ltd

a great source for CAS numbers [as well as for many exotic chemicals]

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Last update  6 / 9 / 03