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Oct 17, 2013



Fred:  As you know, AAAG recommended five faculty positions to College Council per Celine’s request; the Spanish position was sixth. Given that Celine indicated that the sixth position MAY be filled, the World Language Department is hopeful that it may be able to move forward on the hiring process for the Spanish position. In preparation for such an event, the Humanities Division would like to request the following committee be supported if/when the go-ahead is given: 


Diane Boynton, Committee Chair

Lisa Gonzales

Sonia Lizano

Kelly Stack

LaRon Johnson


Thank you for sharing this request with the Committee on Committees.





College Council (met Oct 8 and 15)

On Oct 8 considered our feedback that we provided at the previous Academic Senate meeting. On October 15, they endorsed the much reduced and direct draft the Academic Senate will consider to today.


Goal Groups

Starting next meeting (Nov 7), we'd like to start having regular reports from the goal groups. We'll start with Flex and the Mike Torres group.


AAAG (met Oct 16)

Engaged in the annual faculty position prioritization effort at their next meeting. I have not heard a change to the current WAG for the number of faculty members to be hired, which is five. Ten potential positions were presented, and in my own very humble opinion, they were all excellent. Voting and vetting occurred at the  next meeting.


Two were positions to lead new programs:

Cyber-security and Hospitality

Three were new to address current programs where students are being turned away because of lack of instructors:

Chemistry, Psychology, and Anatomy

Others were replacement positions of one type or another

Business and Computer Science (Randy Smith)

Chemistry (Rod Oka)

Digital Services Librarian (Stephanie Tetter)

Spanish (Lola Jerez-Moya)

International Student Program Director


AAAG Voting results


These voting results were presented at College Council on Nov 5.




Board of Trustees

Have not met



Paola is at the ASCCC Plenary Session NOW! Hope it's going well.