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Oct 28, 2010


Next meeting November 4.

Remember the "extra meeting" October 28. Please put it on your calendars.



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Follow-up: Implementing the SLO-GEO Plan


A Guide to Implementing the SLO-GEO Plan -- Also now on the home page!


An e-mail has been sent out from Fred and Mike Gilmartin asking for acknowledgment of program-level SLOs for transfer programs. The e-mail was reviewed by AAAG, and revised. Please ehelp your colleagues understand this issue. Please refer them to me or Mike with any questions. Main point: we view the entering of transfer-level SLOs into CurricUNET as an administrative step of a plan we have already spent a great deal of time on and agreed upon.




Background info for the Flex Day Food vs Staff Development Conversation


Date Event Cost
8/19/2009 Breakfast-New Faculty & Admin. 133.96
8/19/2009 7 luches-New Faculty & Mentors 82.97
8/20/2010 Flex Day-Full Breakfast & Lunch 2700.84
1/27&28 Spring Flex Day Breakfast & Heavy Snack 2800
Total 5717.77
8/18/2010 New Faculty Breakfast with Admin &
New Faculty Lunch w/mentors (12) 206.76
8/19/2010 Fall Flex Day light breakfast & heavy snack 1948.5
Aug-10 Supplies for New Faculty & mentors 100
Oct-10 Follow up meeting for new faculty & mentors 150 projected
spring 2011 Follow up meeting for new faculty & mentors 150 projected
Total so far 2555.26
Funds remaining: 3444.74


From Sue Hanna:

On the topic of the Staff Development Fund that is currently used for lunches for flex days, nursing faculty had some input: they felt that the food (in some form) was very important to the networking benefits of flex days, that is, the chance for faculty from different departments to gather around the coffee and doughnuts to meet, greet, and share ideas. Their suggestion was to move away from cafeteria-catered food which is expensive. Deb suggested that she has cut the cost of certain lunch meetings in half by purchasing food at Costco rather than having it catered on campus.

These ideas were discussed at our Monday Faculty meeting in response to the request from Doug for input on the use of the funds. Faculty felt some food was very important in order to draw people. One suggestion was to trade the AM and lunch option for a mid-morning snack between speakers. This coincided with discussion about the need for a break between morning speakers and how this might be facilitated with food. Anyway, wanted to provide that input and to apologize for missing today’s meeting.



Sue Hanna, MA, RN