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Approval of Draft minutes of September 6th meeting Moved to accept - AH Second - JO Passed unanimously, no abstentions Reports Welcome and Presidents report (FH) Non-Credit Course repeatability: In Freds regular meeting with Doug, they discussed repeatability of non-credit classes. We have learned the issue will be decided 1/09 (this is good news). We want some reasonable number of times course can be repeated. Anita Johnson will take our concerns to ASCCC meeting (s). Accreditation Progress Report: Due March, 2008. Need direction from WASC Need faculty to begin helping. Will write self-study for next academic year. COC will begin work on this ASCCC having an accreditation institute in January 2008. Doug indicated we will focus on the five (5) recommendations from the last self-study. Fred will forward Dougs email about accreditation teams. This is to encourage people who might be interested in participating as a member of an accreditation team for another colleges accreditation process. CAC (Curriculum Advisory Committee) Susan Walter stepping down as Chair after 6/08. FH: should be some TLU release time for CAC Chair; he will discuss this with MPCTA. PACC New Board Policy re discrimination (including sexual harassment) drafted by EEOC is at PACC for review. Need feedback by 11/1/07. M. Stark will review it FH will send it to Senators; they should send feedback to MS by 10/11. SLOs Fred and Robynn Smith (SLO articulation committee members) have met the progress report for their meetings elicited significant discussion, as follows. Senate ROSTRUM for 9/07 distributed to all Senators mailboxes. 1st 2 articles are good Faculty doing their own SLOs is the best defense against someone else doing it for us. Possible Flex Day Activity Lets Just Write one full day on SLOs??? AJ: English Dept. is creating subcommittees of people who teach same course. Cooperative cumulative effort should help institutional effort re SLOs. Q: Is this an unfunded mandate? Senators current status/position: MC: need to look at both the institutional and course level LL: Nursing is vocational, and they have already done their SLOs LB: Student Services worked on this collectively (all of St. Svcs, plus TRIO) She is opposed to the 2nd day of Flex being ALL SLOs. JM: Biz has course-level SLOs. They are doing Program Review; Division Chair has said that SLOs are not part of that process. LRJ: 3-4 years ago, Counseling worked on learning outcomes, looked at other schools SLOs. Counselings dont match those of Student Services, trying to get various ones to fit together JO: Has done this for a Lit course he teaches. Doesnt want to impose his SLOs on another instructor; sees potential for conflict AJ: English Dept will look at SLOs collaboratively MS: Agrees with AJ; dont spend entire Flex day on SLOs, have institutional emphasis. DA: Concerned with articulation part. Do SLOs match courses at other institutions with which we have articulation agreements? Hopes we are not doing things in isolation HF: In Life Science they welcome SLO activities as part of Flex activities FH: suggests Senators write down for next time with whom they might like to collaborate (or not) AH: likes the idea above. There are natural associations; thats the level at which we should be working. Biggest concern is not that we HAVE SLOs it is the assessment piece that is a concern the measurable. SJ: At Humanities Division meeting, they discussed that it is important to include adjunct faculty in the discussion. How do we bring those voices in? Many in Humanities are concerned w/NCLB-style possibilities ST: If we do multiple flex activities on SLOs, dont have them all on one day. Different people are at different places with this, so have varied levels of presentations/activities. Lets just get it done. AH: would like to add that is may already be done in your course(s) to make it very clear that we are already assessing students learning. Equivalency Committee Report Deferred COC Report (ACTION) (AH) Counseling & Matriculation Hiring Committee: adding LaRon Johnson Mike Torres Susan Walter Debbie Anthony moved to accept JD second Passed unanimously Distance Ed Committee Gail Fail, Chair Jon Osburg Mark Bishop Randy Smith DA moved to accept LRJ second Passed unanimously CAC (need names Senators should take request to Divisions) Jon Osburg DA moved to accept MS second Passed unanimously with one abstention (JO) Health & Safety Mark Clements (will be Chair) DA moved to accept ST second Passed unanimously Some committees need members CAC (meets every Wed. At 3)needs people from : Creative Arts PE Nursing Supportive Services Life Science Health & Safety (meets 1st Friday at 1:30) Staff Development (meets as needed) EAC PACC ASCCC Report deferred Ed Center Report deferred Flex Committee deferred BSI Report deferred Old Business Repeatability of non-credit classes Mark C and Alan H have met but do not yet have a complete document to present. New Business Meeting adjourned 4:37 p.m. Next meeting: October 18th, 2007.     MPC Academic Senate October 4, 2007 Minutes PAGE  PAGE 4 Stephanie Tetter, Senate Secretary 10-09-07 Revised 10-18-07 Approved 10-18-07 /12PQRTUYstuwxy  żΩΠμμμΗ΅|hU'h/0^JhU'hn(=^JhU'hk^JhU'h\O^JhU'hQ^JhU'hmZ^JhU'hzy5^JhU'hzy^JhU'hFcR^JhU'h|^JhU'hmZ5^JhU'h\5^JhU'hTP5^JhU'h|5^J02Vy  3 G Y i ~  + D  & Fgd| & Fgdk & Fgdk & Fgd|8^8gd\ & Fgd|C        / 1 2 @ B E F S U W X c d e g h x z | } ~   * ҤhU'h!^JhU'h^JhU'h|5^JhU'hMv^JhU'h3u^JhU'h<=-^JhU'hn(=^JhU'hk^JhU'hmZ^JhU'h|^JhU'hzy5^JhU'hzy^J9* + C D I J g t u |   V W k l o @AȾ䵬ۆ۬ۆۆۆ}th=Ah!^Jh=Ah=A^JhU'hO(^JhU'h5^JhU'hQ5^JhU'hcx^JhU'hMv^JhU'hzy^JhU'h\O5^JhU'hMv5^JhU'hn(=^JhU'h!^JhU'h|^JhU'h|5^JhU'h^J*D J }  l - L ] v  & Fgd! & Fgd! & FgdO( & FgdO( & Fgd8nA & Fgdk & Fgdcx & Fgd|^gdcx & Fgd| & Fgd| & Fgdn(=  o AeWqog?{ & FgdO( & FgdO( & Fgd8nA & FgdO( & Fgd! & Fgd=A & Fgd! & Fgd!noLf#%ABN[.CHVZA^崽ٽٽ١{qhU'h5^JhU'hn(=5^JhU'hU'5^JhU'hFcR^JhU'hR^JhU'ha|^JhU'hYH*^JhU'h?r^JhU'hY^JhU'hO(H*^JhU'h8nA^J h8nA^J h!^JhU'hO(^JhU'h!^JhU'hU'^J,{Bz/.zPQ !"gd & FgdU'^gdU' & Fgdn(=8^8gd\O & Fgda|gda| & FgdO( "  12<DEIUV_`jktwżٟxŕndż[QhU'hH5^JhU'h;-^JhU'hjA5^JhU'hB5^JhU'hzs^JhU'he45^JhU'h85^JhU'h\O5^JhU'hY^JhU'hy5^JhU'hY5^JhU'hU'^JhU'hU'5^JhU'hgH*^JhU'hg^JhU'h^JhU'h5^JhU'hn(=5^J"Weq~$7 & F xgdg & Fgdg pgdg & F  p`gd~g[ xgdg & F xgd & F gd & F  8^`gd~g[78uv *+Hw & Fgdg & Fgdg pxgdg & F  px`gd~g[ & F xgdg & Fgdg gdg & F  `gd~g[ xgdg   2EV_`k & Fgd\O ^ gdg & Fgdy ^`gdU' & FgdU' p^p`gdU' & Fgde4 xgdg & Fgdg & FgdgktACEFHIKLNOcs{$a$gd|gdU'gdgdwhgd;- & FgdU' & Fgdp( & Fgd;-  ^ `gdU'-79:@ACDFGIJLMOclr{}~ļxl`lhU'CJOJQJaJhO(CJOJQJaJhQhO(CJOJQJaJh8nA0JmHnHu hO(0JjhO(0JUhO( hO(5 h#5hjAhO(5h@jh@UhU'h|^JhU'hAP5^JhU'h5^JhU'hU'5^JhU'hQ5^JhU'h95^J${|}gdU'$a$gd$a$gdQ &`#$gdQ$a$gd| hU'h|^Jh@hO(hO(CJOJQJaJh8nACJOJQJaJ,1h/ =!"#$% H@H Normal CJOJQJ_HaJmH sH tH DA@D Default Paragraph FontRiR  Table Normal4 l4a (k(No List4@4 |Header  !4 @4 |Footer  !.)@. 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