MPC Academic Senate

October 5, 2006


Advisory Committees Updates

and 2006-2007 Goals and Objectives



At our Academic Senate retreat, we discussed what we wanted to do over the next academic year. An outcome of this discussion was the creation of five ad hoc Senate Advisory Committees. Each of these committees has been meeting and has developed goals and objectives for the coming year. At this meeting we plan to discuss, revise, and hopefully endorse these goals as overall goals for the Academic Senate.


-Fred Hochstaedter

Academic Senate President



The five ad hoc Senate Advisory Committees are:


COC Process Revision Committee

Fred Hochstaedter, Debbie Anthony, Alan Haffa, and Bernie Abbott

Draft Goals and Objectives


Bylaws Revision Committee

Mark Clements, Stephanie Tetter, and Marlene Martin

Draft Goals and Objectives

Draft Proposed Revision to Academic Senate Bylaws


Flex Days Committee

Gary Rollinson, LaRon Johnson, Heather Faust, and Laura Loop

Draft Goals and Objectives


Communication Committee

Steve Ruth, Marguerite Stark, Jonathan Osburg, and Josh Sears


Academic Aspects of the Marina/Ft Ord Education Center Committee

Susan Joplin, Alan Haffa, Debbie Anthony, and Jamie Dagdigian

Draft Goals and Objectives