MPC Academic Senate

October 5, 2006



President's Report



Executive Committee Meeting


We met for three hours on 9-28-06.


Mostly talked about revision of bylaws


And questions and format for the VP-AA open forums;

(more later)


Mentioned relative roles between Academic Senate and MPCTA union.

(more later)


ASCCC Area B Meeting:

Marleen will be going.




Pre-Session Meeting

Cañada College 

Friday Oct. 13,  2006

10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.



1.                  Welcome and introductions: 

                        Cañada host: Patty Dilko

                        Cañada College President: Tomas Mohr

                        Dean of Humanities: Katie Townsend-Merino

                        Area B Rep: Greg Granderson 


 2.                  Purpose of this meeting/ preview agenda


3.                  Location of next year’s area meetings *** Laney College


4.                  Report on important issues: Exec. Committee members


5.                  Review of Executive Committee resolutions  


6.                  Development of Area B resolutions


7.                  Announcements & Discussion (Everyone is invited to bring up topics)


8.                  Adjournment


You may bring a draft of a resolution from your local Senate ---or just some ideas for issues that need to be addressed, and we can work on them together. 



College Council


1) Working hard on exactly the same things we are:

Who are we and what should we be doing?

Who is a member and what are the term limits?

How do wee keep College Council from being a "Rubber Stamp" committee?

College Council has been having this conversation for almost a year.

I have agreed to serve on a committee with Gail Fail (Union Pres), Bernie Abbott (CC co-chair), and Doug Garrison (The Pres) to try and sort this stuff out.


2) Senate president is a member of the Budget committee.

1st and 3rd Mondays 1 pm.

I teach at this time. Who would like to go?


Any suggestions on how to find somebody to serve as my proxy?


3) Should the Deans be able to elect a member to College Council?

-Currently no.

-Currently, Deans are not “eligible” for representation at College Council

-How does Dean’s perspective differ from Vice Presidents?

-Would addition of Deans dilute faculty representation?


College Council Membership   Fall 2006

Voting Members – 18


Administrative Members (4)                                                            

Doug Garrison – President/Superintendent

Carsbia Anderson – VP, Student Services

Joe Bissell – VP, Administrative Services

Bill Cochran – VP, Academic Affairs

Classified Members (4)

Julie Bailey

Jonathon Edmonds

Brenda Kalina

Stephanie Perkins



MSC Members (1)

Steve Morgan, Director, Facilities,

Planning & Management


Student Members (2)

Josh Sears


Faculty Members (7)

Bernie Abbott

A.J. Farrar

Paola Gilbert

Marianne Ide

Bill Jones

Lyndon Schutzler

Alfred Hochstaedter, Academic Senate Pres

(Gail Fail, MPCTA representative)



4) Should the Academic Senate appoint/confirm the MPCTA representative?


The answer is "NO", based on an e-mail from Ian Walton, ASCCC President:


Fred - I talked with Hazel yesterday and promised to copy you both on this response.
Hazel - good to talk to you.

The Title 5 section that describes appointments to governance committees is 53203 f.

It says:

The appointment of faculty members to serve on college or district committees, task forces, or other groups dealing with academic and professional matters, shall be made, after consultation with the chief executive officer or his or her designee, by the academic senate.

But it also says:
Notwithstanding this Subsection, the collective bargaining representative may seek to appoint faculty members to committees, task forces, or other groups .

The Rodda Act on collective bargaining also specifies the right of the union to make appointments to committees that impact bargaining matters.

So here's how it's normally interpreted:
Any committee slot described as representing "the faculty" will have that appointment made by the senate.
Any slot designated as representing "the faculty bargaining agent" will have the appointment made by the faculty union.

On committees that discuss matters that have an effect on bargaining there should be a faculty bargaining slot.  So it's common for high level governance committees such as your college council to have a union appointee in addition to senate appointed faculty representatives.  It's also common for both the senate president and the union president to be one of the appointees.

Hope this helps with your conversation.  Let me know if I can do anything else to help.

Cheers - Ian

Ian Walton, President, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges  This email sent from Santa Cruz
Phone (916) 445 4753  Fax (916) 323 9867
428 J St, # 430, Sacramento, CA 95814


I have suggested a meeting between Academic Senate leadership and MPCTA leadership to talk about many things, including

-how to support each other

-how to stay out of each other’s way

-more clearly define roles



Conversations with Doug Garrison


-only met once because of Board Meeting.


-Have agreed that we will get an administrative person to do the day-to-day and logistical aspects of Flex Days.

-He has said that he has somebody in mind, but is just waiting to get all the details worked out.


-Turning this over to Flex Day committee: please communicate with Doug directly.


-Have agreed on format for open forums (no questions/comments now please):

            -hosted and moderated by Academic Senate (Fred)

            -Five minutes introductory remarks

            -four to six questions agreed upon by Academic Senate asked to all candidates                     

            -remaining time devoted to additional questions from the audience.

            -Standard questions:

-discussed at 10-12-06 Exec Comm meeting

                        -please spread word and submit questions

                        -either by e-mail or on 10-12-06 2:30 pm PS106.


Forum Schedule:

Monday Oct 16          5-6

Tuesday Oct 17         1:30-2:30

Wednesday Oct 18    5-6

Thursday Oct 19        12:30-1:30

Friday Oct 20             12-1


Program Discontinuance


The revised proposed Board  Policy is ready to come back to the Senate for further review.


Did we have a first reading for this??

Or did we send it back for revision so that it could come back for a first reading?


If we approve it on a second reading and then another group comes up with substantial issues, what do we do?

Demand to see it again? Go with what the other group decides?

I've asked the union if they've seen it yet.


For me, this brings up the larger question of "what is a first reading"?