MPC Academic Senate

October 5, 2006


Vice President of Academic Affairs

Open Forums



The Academic Senate has requested open forums for the final candidates for the Vice President of Academic Affairs position. Doug Garrison has stepped outside of established policy for administrative hires, and accepted and agreed to our request. The Academic Senate will host these forums, which will each be 60 minutes long and held in Lecture Forum 103. At this meeting we will discuss the format for the forums.


Forum Schedule:

Monday Oct 16          5-6

Tuesday Oct 17         1:30-2:30

Wednesday Oct 18    5-6

Thursday Oct 19        12:30-1:30

Friday Oct 20             12-1


The Academic Senate Executive Committee has developed a format and will ask the entire senate to endorse it. The format is:

  1. Five minutes of introductory comments by the candidate

  2. A set of 4 to 6 standard questions to be asked of all the candidates

  3. Volunteered questions from the audience.


Discussion of the actual questions is a more tricky matter. We will not discuss the questions in an open meeting because it is possible that we will have internal candidates from this campus. Open meeting discussion of forum questions at a campus that may produce internal candidates is not fair to external candidates vying for the position.


The Academic Senate Executive Committee has developed a set of questions. In an effort to promote inclusiveness in this process, we’d also like your opinion on important topics to cover or specific questions that you think we should ask each of the candidates in a standard way. You are of course encouraged to attend the forums and ask your question yourself.


Please forward your thoughts on important topics or specific questions to me via return e-mail. Or, drop by the Earth Sciences classroom—Physical Sciences 106—to chat. A good time to come by the classroom to chat would be Thursday October 12 at 2:30 pm where you will find the rest of the Academic Senate Executive committee discussing and debating the 4-6 standard questions. The door is open; I hope to see you to for further discussion. Please share your views.


Guidelines for questions are here: 


-Fred Hochstaedter

Academic Senate President