MPC Academic Senate

October 5, 2006


Agenda in printable form




2:30-4:30 pm, Sam Karas Room

I.  Opening Business

A.  Call to order and roll call


Alfred Hochstaedter (President)

Mark Clements (Vice President)

Stephanie Tetter  (Secretary)

Debbie Anthony (COC Chair)

Jamie Dagdigian

Heather Faust

Alan Haffa

LaRon Johnson

Gary Rollinson

Susan Joplin

Laura Loop

Jonathan Osburg

Steve Ruth

Eleanor Morrice

Marlene Martin (ASCCC rep and Past-President)


B. Acknowledgement of Visitors

C. Comments from Visitors

D. Approval of DRAFT minutes from the September 21 meeting.


II. Reports

A.  Welcome and Presidentís report Notes

Executive Committee Report


B. COC report (possible ACTION item)


C. Other reports.  Divisions, Others?


III. Old Business

A.  Second reading of the Resolution in support of Hartnell faculty (ACTION item)

Additional Background


Whereas, the expertise and dedication of faculty is central to the mission of Community Colleges; and,


Whereas, the faculty at Hartnell Community College have been working without a contract since 2004-2005; and,


Whereas, an independent, state-appointed mediator judged that the faculty contract request is fair and reasonable and that the college has the funds to pay; and,


Whereas negotiating a settlement as recommended by the state appointed mediator would best serve the interests of students, employees, the Community College mission, and the community,


Whereas the lack of an equitable contract offer could lead to a strike by the Hartnell Faculty; and,


Whereas a strike would harm the educational experience of students and would hurt the public perception of Community Colleges in general; and,


Whereas the Hartnell Board of Trustees has made plans to bring in replacement faculty who will not be able to offer the same educational experience as the existing faculty; and,


Whereas, the cost of living in Monterey County is one of the most costly in the country; and,


Whereas, all faculty deserve a wage that properly compensates the many years of training and the professional work performed by faculty; and,


Whereas, faculty at Monterey Peninsula College and faculty at Hartnell Community College are both members of CTA; and,


Whereas, faculty at Monterey Peninsula College support the educational efforts of our colleagues at Hartnell Community College; and,


Therefore, let it be resolved that the Monterey Peninsula Faculty Senate supports the faculty of Hartnell College and calls upon the faculty and the Hartnell Board of Trustees to negotiate in good faith to bring an immediate end to this contract dispute.


        B. Vice-President for Academic Affairs Open Forums

What should the format be and how should we proceed with the questions?

Additional Background


        C.  Progress reports from the five committees formed at the 9-7-06 meeting.

Additional Background


COC Process Revision Committee

Alfred Hochstaedter, Debbie Anthony, Alan Haffa, and Bernie Abbott

Goals and Objectives


Bylaws Committee

Mark Clements, Stephanie Tetter, and Marlene Martin

Goals and Objectives

Draft Proposed Revision to Academic Senate Bylaws


Flex Days Committee

Gary Rollinson, LaRon Johnson, Heather Faust, and Laura Loop

Goals and Objectives


Communication Committee

Steve Ruth, Marguerite Stark, Jonathan Osburg, and Josh Sears


Academic Aspects of the Marina/Ft Ord Education Center Committee

Susan Joplin, Alan Haffa, Debbie Anthony, and Jamie Dagdigian

Goals and Objectives


IV. New Business (if time permits)


        A. Senate's role in the MPC Board Policy review

Additional Background


V. Adjourn: 4:30 p.m.


VI. Next Meeting:  October 19 2006, 2:30 pm in the Sam Karas Room 

            Agenda items for future meetings: Accreditation mid-term report,  Question of Academic Integrity at MPC, Continue/Finish work on rewriting bylaws and vision/goals/objectives