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Sept 16, 2010

Draft Agenda

Draft Minutes


Sept 2, 2010


Draft Minutes



Oct 7, 2010

2:30-4:15 in the Sam Karas Room

Agenda in printable form


I.  Opening Business

A.  Call to order and roll call

Alfred Hochstaedter (President)

Heather Faust (VP)

Stephanie Tetter  (Secretary)

Mark Clements (COC Chair)

Anita Johnson (ASCCC rep)

Steve Albert

Debbie Anthony

Kathleen Clark

Mila MacBain

Sue Hanna

Susan Joplin

Brian Brady

Chris Calima
Alexis Copeland
Susan Walter


B. Approval of Draft Minutes from the September 16, 2010 meeting (2:30-2:35)


II. Reports


A. President/SLO committee Report Notes (2:35-2:40)


B. COC (Possible ACTION item) (2:40-2:45)


C. Flex Day Committee Report (2:45-2:50)


D. ASCCC Report (2:50-2:55)


II. Old Business


A. Process for Faculty Hiring 1st reading (2:55-3:25)

We've invited Barbara Lee to talk about the "monitored groups" and the use of demographic data, and Doug to talk about how the Hiring Procedure fits into the scheme of Board Policy, Administrative Procedures, etc...

Comments from Debbie Anthony
Comments from Hazel Ross
Comments from Debra Ruiz available in hard copy only
Title 5 and Ed Code Background to some of the hiring issues
Proposed revisions and responses to comments
EEOAC Recommendations on Faculty Hiring Procedures, 2003
Old Hiring Process, 1991


III New Business


A. Institutional Goals for 2011-2013 (3:25-3:40)

A draft rougher than 80 grit sandpaper

This is merely suggesting a direction to go in


B. Staff Development Funds (3:40-3:55)
Flex day food vs other staff development uses? What combination is most useful?
Staff Development Budget, supplied by Laura Franklin

C. Review and Possible Revision of Academic Senate Bylaws (3:55-4:15)
Is internet posting of agenda and minutes sufficient?
Should the Bylaws say this?
Proposed Changes to Bylaws
Title 5 background for this issue

D. Becoming a Multi-Site College (4:05-4:15)
Document prepared by Doug Garrison
Outlines steps MPC must take to become a multi-site College.
This document is on the agenda for review and comment
as part of MPC's shared governance process.