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November 15, 2007


Are we satisfied with the responses from last time?


Do we adequately explain what an SLO for MPC is?


Do we offer enough tips on how to write SLOs?


Could a faculty member reasonably take this document and figure out how to write one?


Do we adequately define "assessment" as assessing the student attainment of faculty-defined SLOs?


Do we adequately affirm faculty primacy/rights/authority?


Are we there yet?   Have we attained consensus on this?


For Flex days.....


The Academic Senate wants:

How to achieve this?


Thursday morning:


1.      Hour #1: SLO Overview (9:00 -10:15)

Turn in your SLOs

a)      Summary of the SLO Handbook: Robyn Smith

b)      Skit – How do we incorporate SLO in our course work?

c)      Overview of our break out sessions

-Goals are to

-Get people from different disciplines to sit in the same room and talk about student expectations

-Address course and program issues at the same time

-Give enough time so that something can get done


2.      Break (10:15-10:30)


3.      Hour #2: Break out sessions – Program SLOs (10:30 – 11:45)


1)      General Education Program

-Transfer existing SLOs for the MPC AA degree to the "transfer studies" degree

-Honor what's been done already

-This should be fairly straight forward

-Give a chance to look at other colleges "core competencies" (and reject them if we want)

2)      Business and Computer Science

-Seems like a good idea

3)      Nursing, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology

-Originally suggested in an Academic Senate meeting

4)      Basic Skills, English, Math

-Gets supportive services folks together with traditional teaching faculty

5)      Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies, History, Psychology, Anthropology

-Lots of cross-listed courses here

6)      Physics, Math, Engineer

-For the transfer to Engineering program students

7)      Geology, Oceanography, Biology, Marine Biology

8)      Traditional how-to-write your course SLOs