MPC Academic Senate

November 16, 2006



Program Discontinuance


Faculty Comments


These comments originate from Fred Hochstaedter and Hazel Ross


Document with ASMPC (student) and faculty comments


Clean document as currently written


These comments are in order of importance.


1) What happens if the Program Discontinuance committee and the Program faculty disagree? As currently written, the policy states what will happen only if the Program Discontinuance committee and the Program faculty agree, which may be unlikely.


2) Why isn't Program faculty included in the Program Discontinuance committee? What is the rationale for this?


3) To whom are the recommendations of the Program Discontinuance committee directed? The Academic Senate, The College Council, and the Board are mentioned in various capacities in various places in the current version of the document.


As of this writing, it seems to me that the Program Discontinuance committee's recommendations should be directed at both the Academic Senate and the College Council. They should go to the College Council because that body makes recommendations to the President who would then bring it to the board. They should go to the Academic Senate because Program Discontinuance clearly falls under the academic and professional issues purview of the Academic Senate and they have the right to go directly to the board if they disagree with the College Council and/or President's recommendation.


4) The "Immediate Discontinuance" and "Phased Discontinuance" seem very similar. The steps in the policy are exactly the same for each of them; all that differs is the period of time over which the steps take place. In reality, would they really be all that different? Do we really need both? What is the rationale here?