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November 17, 2011


College Council




Accepted small changes to the language about institutional SLOs in the Plan to Respond to ACCJC Recommendations #1-3.

Endorsed the document.


I presented the major results of the Repeatability resolutions at the ASCCC Plenary meeting. Good dialog ensued.


As I always do at this time of year, I asked for help in assigning rooms for the Reflections dialog at flex days. Chris has me well trained.



Marty, Grace, and I went to SSAG to present the Plan to Respond to ACCJC Recommendations #1-3. Good dialog ensued. SSAG approved the document.


Carsbia talked about student services essentially shutting down operations for a couple of hours on flex days so that everybody can participate in the Program Reflections process.


The march goes on.


MPC SLO Committee

Grace and Diane reported on an ACCJC meeting on program review that they attended in Modesto on November 4. As is often the case when we attend these types of meetings, Diane and Grace returned with the sense that the program review and SLO process at MPC is a lot better than it is at other colleges.

SLO Committee is working on getting student learning or Program Reflections language on all forms involved with resource allocation.


SLO Committee will make a short presentation at the Presidents time at flex days explaining how everybody on campus will be involved in the program reflections.




Video from the SSTF Panel from the ASCCC Fall 2011 Plenary

Click here for highlights and annotated notes:



There are several additional reports out now.


The CIO response to the SSTF Recommendations

Compiled by Melinda Nish, who we see in the ASCCC Plenary video

An excerpt:

IN SUM, the CIOs feel that overall this set of recommendations places emphasis on student success and contains many recommendations that CIOs support.  CIOs have significant concerns with regard to implementation of nearly all of the recommendations. One of the overriding concerns is the lack of resources to successfully implement the majority of the recommendations.  CIOs feel strongly that basic skills instruction is an area of top priority at every college.  Furthermore, CIOs have self-identified “seamless transition from K-12 to CCC to CSU/UC” as their #1 priority goal. 


Summary of On-line Comments, Nov 2, 2011

Compiled by the SSTF. I would imagine many more comments were received after Nov 2, 2011

This version records "no comments" about chapter 8 and the outcomes-based funding.

This document *does* show how the votes are counted and how it may be worthwhile to go to the website and "vote" for comments.

Submit your response at:


SSTF Chair Peter MacDougall's letter to SSTF members summarizing changes at the SSTF Nov 9 meeting.


Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC) Response to the SSTF Recommendations


From earlier agendas:

CCA's Response to the SSTF Recommendations

CCCI Response to the SSTF Recommendations

ASCCC Talking Points on the SSTF Recommendations 10-25-11 (this is, of course, pre-plenary)


ASCCC -- Repeatability

What went down at Plenary


Board Policy

The Executive Committee is asking you to bring this policy to your divisions for comment NOW, so that we can have an informed discussion on November 3.

PACC (click here if the links below don't work)

Proposed BP 3040 --Community Service Program

Existing BP 3040


AAAG (motion from John Anderson) proposed wording :

"The College will strive to enhance cultural and personal enrichment opportunities for the community through its credit and non-credit curricular offerings.  In addition, MPC may offer, through a community services program, a varied schedule of short courses, concerts, speakers, films and other activities, of the highest possible quality and merit."


Version we are responding to:

"As a part of its curricula and programs, the College will strive to enhance cultural and personal enrichment opportunities for the community by offering through a Community Services program, a varied schedule of short courses, concerts, speakers, films and other activities, of the highest possible quality and merit."



E-mail from Mike Gilmartin providing background for the Community Service board policy:



This is mainly a cleanup of the original board policy that was approved in 1988.  We had not looked at this in quite a long time and we wanted to make sure it was up to date.  So, I reviewed the language that the League version of the policy had and made a few tweaks to our policy.  I also tried to make the language clearer in a few places especially when it comes to the funding of these programs.  I don’t see any of this as major changes from the original policy.  We do want this policy to be current and in place in case we decide to move forward with community service in the future. Let me know if you have specific questions.





ASCCC SLO Committee


Thinking about January 29 for the long-awaited regional SLO Coordinators meeting at MPC. Jan 29 is a Saturday.