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Flex Day


Nov 18 2010


Faculty Hiring Procedure

Will go to the board for a first reading on Tuesday November 23.


College Council Report

-Continues to work on Institutional Goals and Objectives. Wants proposed wording from the Academic Senate. We will address this today.

-Lively conversation about which faculty positions to fund.

Over the last two meetings have recommended to the S/P that the following positions be funded:





Child Development


Art History

Women's Studies


SLO "Enforcement"

This message comes from Academic Affairs

Remember that early in the semester, the Academic Senate recommended that faculty include SLOs on their syllabi.

Academic Affairs will start checking Syllabi for SLOs (copies of all syllabi are already sent to Academic Affairs)

What will happen if there are no SLOs on the syllabus?

Fall 2010: Academic Affairs will send a friendly reminder to include them next time

Spring 2011: Academic Affairs will ask for a revised version and that the revised version be given to students



IV. Future Agenda Items

A. Legal Opinions

07-12 - Assigning Fail or I Grades due to Academic Dishonesty.pdf
10_07 - Limitations on Enrollment for Cohorts of Students.pdf