MPC Academic Senate

November 2, 2006



President's Report




Executive Committee

Modified from the 10-26-6 Executive Committee Minutes:

Clarification/Agreement that the MPCTA will pick MPCTA representatives for committees that call for MPCTA representatives in their bylaws.

We currently understand these committees to include:


·        College Council – 1 rep

·        Budget Committee – 2 reps


Gail offers to draft an MOU, after further discussion she will draft something that will use as examples of how Senate and MPCTA work together/separately the selection of MPCTA reps for committees mentioned above. Another example is that Senate is not involved in selecting the negotiation team.

Tone will be collegial and cooperative.


Doug Garrison and College Council

Fred met with Doug Garrison, Gail Fail, and Bernie Abbott.

Discussed the scope and function of the College Council.


COC and Hiring Processes

Fred tried to meet with Barbara Lee and the COC Committee (Bernie Abbott, Alan Haffa, and Debbie Anthony).

We would have discussed the current hiring processes, which are unclear as to who designates the AA/EEO representative on hiring committees. Unfortunately, Debbie Anthony was unable to attend so we canceled the meeting. Fred did meet with Barbara privately.

This issue was the root of our prolonged efforts on the Campus Nurse Hiring Committee


I would have suggested that we recommend that the EEO officer make the EEO representative appointment to all faculty hiring committees. One of the reasons for this recommendation is that any harassment or discrimination complaint against a faculty member is a confidential matter. The Academic Senate has no way of knowing if or when any such complaints have been made. It would put the Academic Senate in a difficult position if we inadvertently appointed an EEO faculty representative currently undergoing an investigation of such a complaint, or if a previous complaint had been substantiated.


In addition, this recommendation would be in line with what the Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee has recommended to the Academic Senate in 2003. That recommendation is posted here:

And key sections reprinted here:


1.      Composition of committee –Selection committees shall include members of historically underrepresented groups whenever possible.  The EEO Officer and Superintendent/President shall approve the composition of all selection committees. Committees shall consist of:

Student:  student shall be invited to participate, paid a stipend if possible; voting/non-voting issue will be referred to Academic Senate

Classified:  shall be invited, but not required, on faculty committees.

EEO Monitor: (non-voting) appointed by the EEO Officer.

Faculty:  TBD by Academic Senate

Administrator:  Area Dean or Designee

Community Member:  Shall be invited, but not required.  Selection made by the committee chair and the EEO Officer.


Enrollment Advisory Committee

From the Academic Senate October 5 minutes:

Discussion primarily between Marlene and Debbie on several topics, particularly EAC and retention. Stephanie feels EAC meetings are too frequent and too lengthy to make it easy for interested faculty to participate. Debbie feels we need to talk to Doug about this and suggested Fred do so.


This conversation led me to Doug and then Carsbia Anderson, who is here today with an update on the EAC.


No More Social Security Numbers as Student ID Numbers(!)

There has been a bit of excitement on campus regarding this change.

Karen Engelsen and Sharon Colton are here to give us an update.