MPC Academic Senate

November 2, 2006


Agenda in printable form




2:30-4:30 pm, Sam Karas Room

I.  Opening Business

A.  Call to order and roll call

Alfred Hochstaedter (President)

Mark Clements (Vice President)

Stephanie Tetter  (Secretary)

Debbie Anthony (COC Chair)

Marguerite Stark

Jamie Dagdigian

Heather Faust

Alan Haffa

LaRon Johnson

Gary Rollinson

Susan Joplin

Laura Loop

Jonathan Osburg

Steve Ruth

Eleanor Morrice

Marlene Martin (ASCCC rep and Past-President)


B. Acknowledgement of Visitors

C. Comments from Visitors

D. Approval of DRAFT minutes from the October 19 meeting. (5)

II. Reports

A.  Welcome and Presidentís report Notes (5)


B. Report from the Enrollment Advisory Committee (15)

Carsbia Anderson plus faculty committee members


C. Report about the elimination of social security numbers for students (15)

Karen Engelsen and Sharon Colton


D. COC report (possible ACTION item) (5)

E-mail from Susan Osorio about the College Nurse Position:

Hello, all!


The Hiring Committee for the Nurse position has been reorganized.  The following members are interested in participating:


Susan Osorio, chair, administrator

Phyllis Peet, faculty

Grace Anongchanya, faculty

Mark Clements, faculty

Tina Rondez, nursing faculty, familiar with the field

Cathy Nyznyk, manager


Thank you, Susan


Barbara Lee, EEO officer for MPC, has indicated through e-mail that she will name Phyllis Peet the EEO representative for this committee. She has performed this role in the past.


E. Marina/Ft Ord Committee Report (10)

This committee will now be known as the Educational Center Committee

Progress Report

Revised Goals and Objectives

Report on accomplishing Goal #1

Efforts of the Ft Ord committee over the past year

Ft Ord Needs Assessment Results March, 2005

Marina Class Schedule Matrix for Spring 2007


F. Flex Day Committee Report (15)

Flex Days Survey results


Proposed Bylaws of Flex Day Senate Advisory Committee

Goals and Objectives


            G. Communication Committee (10)

Steve Ruth, Marguerite Stark, Jonathan Osburg, and Josh Sears

Goals and Objectives


            H. ASCCC Report (15)

What happened at the Plenary Sessions on Oct 26-28?


III. New Business


        A. Senate's role in the MPC Board Policy review (15)



IV. Adjourn: 4:30 p.m.


V. Next Meeting: November 2 2006, 2:30 pm in the Sam Karas Room 

            Possible agenda items for future meetings: Accreditation mid-term report,  Question of Academic Integrity at MPC, Second Reading of the proposed Program Discontinuance Board Policy,