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Nov 21, 2013

2:30-4:15 in LTC 216

Agenda in printable form


Alfred Hochstaedter (President)

Kathleen Clark (VP)

Catherine Webb  (Secretary)

Mark Clements

Paola Gilbert

Lauren Handley

Merry Dennehy

Sue Hanna

Sandra Washington

Robynn Smith

Eric Ogata

Hannah Lee

Elias Kary

Brian Brady

Alexis Copeland
Kevin Raskoff/

Andres Durstenfeld

Mike Torres

I.  Opening Business

A.  Public Comments

Any persons may have up to three minutes to address the Academic Senate on any subject not on the agenda today.


B. Approval of Draft Minutes from the Nov 7, 2013 meeting (2:30-2:35)  


II. Reports  


A. President Report Notes (2:35-2:45)  


B. Curriculum Advisory Committee Report (2:45-2:55)

Sunshine Giesler will join us


C. COC (ACTION item) (2:55-3:00)


MAST (Marine Science and Technology) Program Discontinuance Committee:

Heather Faust: Faculty in Program area

Sunshine Giesler: CTE Faculty

Transfer Faculty: Anita Johnson

Fred Hochstaedter: At large faculty member

Mike Torres: counselor

Michael Gilmartin: Dean

Rachel Gaines Student from the MAST program


Digital Services Librarian Screening Committee:

Deborah Ruiz (Chair)

Merry Dennehy   

Catherine Webb 

William Easton

Jon Knolle (administrator)


Business Instructor Screening Committee:

Leandro Castillo (Chair)

Kathleen Clark

Tom Rebold

Steve Albert

Jon Mikkelsen

Jon Knolle (administrator)


Hospitality Screening Committee

Heather Faust (Chair)

Sunshine Giesler

LaRon Johnson

Rod Oka

Michael Gilmartin (administrator)


Psychology Screening Committee

Elias Kary (Chair)

Adrianne Simpson (

Kendra Cabrera

Eric Ogata

Laura Franklin (administrator)


Chemistry Screening Committee

Todd Ritsema (Chair)

Tracie Catania

Sarah Gerhardt

Mike Torres

Chris Wood (classified lab manager)

Michael Gilmartin (administrator)


Upward Bound Counselor (categorically funded) Screening Committee

Eric Ogata (Chair)

Chris Calima

John Cristobal

Grace Anongchanya

Sandra Washington

LaRon Johnson

Larry Walker (administrator)


D. SLO/Accreditation Report  (3:00-3:05)

Beta test of on-line Instructor Reflections



E. ASCCC Delegate Report (3:05-3:25)

ASCCC Fall Plenary Resolutions


F. Distance Education Quality Report (ACTION Item) (3:25-3:40)

Draft DE Quality Recommendations


III Old Business




IV New Business


A. Division Chair Evaluation Procedures (3:40-3:50)


B. Rosaleen Ryan report on Basic Skills Student Success. (3:50-4:15)

Where Students Place in English and Math: Why Placement Matters

Success in Basic Skills: Math, English, and ESL


V. Future Agenda Items

A. Tech Plan in February.
B. DE Quality is very close.