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December 1, 2011


College Council

Gave a report on Repeatability. This information item was the only item on the agenda for this College Council meeting. Pretty much told the story as it unfolded for us in the Academic Senate with the ASCCC document "Recommendations Regarding Repeatability" played out through the plenary meeting with the resolutions to modify that document. Just as I have done in the Academic Senate many times, I emphasized the idea that the neither the ASCCC or the Board of Governors woke up one day and proclaimed that limiting repeatability was suddenly the most important thing in the world. All state funded endeavors are being squeezed and under intense pressure to reduce costs. The question is about how to respond in a difficult situation.


I also emphasized that this is not a question of a lack of respect, or even attacking, certain disciplines. This is about responding to situations where courses have proliferated and the number of repeats have gone beyond levels of instruction reasonably assigned to the first two years of college. There were people that disagreed with this perspective.


The main thing that came out of the meeting was the suggestion that the institution should look at data surrounding this issue of repeatability. The goal would be to estimate what it might cost the college if certain offerings are decreased and the lost FTES cannot be made up in other areas of the college. In order to make FTES projections, the institution would need to develop data that showed how much repetition of courses is happening in certain areas of the college. Lyndon made this motion and I seconded because I fully support this idea. We then agreed by consensus rather than voting. As Steve Albert said at our last meeting, if there was ever an issue that could be informed by data, this is it.


There was also the suggestion to advocate through the ASCCC and other avenues that any changes be implemented on a gradual time scale to assuage fiscal disruption to the institution.


Steve Ma made the suggestion that we go through the voters to create a parcel tax to support the college and specifically the arts if they are being disproportionately cut.


College Council will meet next week in Marina.



Division chairs met without administration to discuss Fall 2012 scheduling guidelines. I did not attend.


November 30 meeting:


MPC SLO Committee

The committee has been working hard to make program review processes across campus comparable.


SLO Committee will make a short presentation at the Presidents time at flex days explaining how everybody on campus will be involved in the program reflections.


Future Agenda Items

Unless we miraculously get through all of our agenda items, we will consider the proposed adjunct faculty hiring procedures exactly two months from today on February 1 2012.

Good holiday reading in preparation: The proposed adjunct hiring procedure