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Agendas all on one page F2006-S2010


Agendas all on one page F2010 to present



Dec 6, 2012

2:30-4:15 in the Sam Karas room

Agenda in printable form


I.  Opening Business

A.  Call to order and roll call

Alfred Hochstaedter (President)

Kathleen Clark (VP)

Catherine Webb  (Secretary)

Mark Clements

Anita Johnson

Kelly Fletes

Mike Torres

Merry Dennehy

Sandra Washington/ Janine Wilson

Jamie Dagdigian/

Robynn Smith

Elias Kary

Brian Brady

Alexis Copeland
Kevin Raskoff/

Andres Durstenfeld

Sue Hanna


B. Approval of Draft Minutes from the Nov 15, 2012 meeting (2:30-2:35)


II. Reports


A. President/SLO Committee Report Notes (2:35-2:40)


B. COC (ACTION item) (2:40-2:50)

English Position Screening Position (appointed Nov 15, 2012): replace Anita Johnson with Paola Gilbert

Administration of Justice: Tom Logan, Stephanie Tetter, Kendra Cabrera, Alan Haffa, Elias Kary (and Judge W. Curtis as a community member and resource representative)

Counseling: LaRon Johnson, Alethea DeSoto, Kim Mansfield, Mike Torres, Merry Dennehy

Supportive Services Counseling (restricted funds): Terria Odom-Wolfer, LaRon Johnson, Kathleen Rozman, Jamie Gerard

College Council: DJ Singh

Professional Recognition Board (PRB): Monika Bell

MPC Foundation Board Member: David Clemens


C. Flex Day Committee Report  (2:50-3:10)

Wednesday Draft Schedule
Thursday Draft Schedule

D. ASCCC Report (3:10-3:15)

E. Updates from our "Goal Groups"(3:15-3:40)



Technology Welcoming Committee

Executive Summary of the report for new Director

Entire Technology Report Given to Mike Midkiff

(The entire report was scanned by Alexis Copeland and added to this page AFTER the 12-6-12 Academic Senate meeting)

Distance Education Quality


F. Board Policy 1st Reading (3:40-3:55)

Notes from Anita and Brian

Details on the Board Policy Page

Existing BPs

Fred's Table

Comparison of Existing Policies



III Old Business

A. Accreditation Mid-Term Report (second reading) (3:55-4:15)

A near-final draft

A powerpoint explanation