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December 6, 2012



We will NOT work on this midterm report over the break. Celine is forbidden from working on this report over the break as well.



Wants to make sure that they, and all shared governance bodies, have the chance to review board policies before they are sent to the board.


College Council

World record short meeting this week.

Met Mike.

ACCJC mid-term presentation

Several BPs approved--little discussion.

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All quiet on the western front.


Board Meetings

Rave reviews over Catherine's presentations. I hear they're the highpoint of the meetings.



A message from Mike Gilmartin. (I think his idea is brilliant.)




I wanted to let you know the direction I am now proposing the college takes in order to get the SB 1440 programs approved.  We just can't keep up the way things are going.  In order for the college to meet the deadlines that are being imposed on us by the state, I have decided we must take a different approach.  I am not happy with this, but I am having staff begin to download all the approved course descriptors for all the disciplines.  Once these are downloaded, someone will save these files as text files.  Then, I am going to hire a temp person to work with Laura Mock to start cutting and pasting these descriptors into courses in all the disciplines with approved C-ID descriptors. We will then push all these revision proposals through the system so that CAC can vote on them at their two day January meeting.  We will then submit these to the C-ID people for approval.  If this works, when the faculty come back in February, all their courses will have been submitted for C-ID approval.  It is required after January 1, 2013 that only courses that are C-ID approved can be submitted in an SB 1440 program.  Once that is done, faculty can then start completing the SB 1440 programs and we can begin submitting them to the Chancellor's Office.  This phase will need to be completed in February thru March in order for these SB 1440 programs to be effective for Fall 2013.  The Chancellor's Office is requiring that we have 80% of these programs in place by Fall 2013 and 100% by Fall 2014.  The college must certify that we will meet these goals in a letter signed by Celine, you and the College President by January 31, 2013. 


I realize that this process I am proposing is unprecedented.  However, I can see no other way at this point to meet the state imposed deadlines for SB 1440 programs.  I really don't know what else we can do.  I do appreciate all the work that faculty have put into their curriculum.  I just regret that things have taken the direction they have. I thought you should be aware of this since I believe the academic senate is meeting for the last time this semester this week.  Please let me know if you have questions. Thank you